Friday, February 04, 2011

Barnes & Noble - 50% off!

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you have to love National Groupon deals..... and you have to love this one:

$10 for $20 Worth of Toys and Games, Books and More at Barnes & Noble 

unlike most Groupon deals which are usually for only 1 day each... this one still has another 3 days before it expires .... have fun!

and... better yet..... are you a smart Swagbucks person?  well, purchase it directly thru Swagbucks and you will earn SB in your account for purchasing thru them.  So cool!  It took an extra day for mine to appear in my account, but soooo worth it.  It's almost enough SB to earn a $5 Amazon Gift card.  YAY!  

IF you are wondering what all this Swagbucks talk is about, just read about my love of Swagbucks right here and here where I rave about my almost free Christmas.

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1 comment:

~SHANNON~ said...

Oh crap! I didnt know I could buy it through swagbucks! And I totally just bought it- darn! :)


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