Monday, December 27, 2010

My {almost} FREE Christmas

ok...most of you already know that I am a major bargain bunny and I couldn't be more excited about my (almost} FREE Christmas shopping.  My friends Swagbucks and Mamapedia Sweet Deals helped me do just that.

Search & Win

well, it took me a while to get a hang of it.... and I'm not a Swagbucks expert, but I love it how I use it....

I downloaded the SB toolbar and I connected it to Facebook... I use the search tool bar just like google. It's like a slot machine in a way, sometimes when you search you can be awarded SB. I've earned 3-50 SB just from searching. Tuesdays and Fridays are mega days with larger awards than other days. 
Referrals also earn you SB too. Say Cyndi earns SB by searching or doing whatever, I will earn them too when she does.

When I earn any SB, it automatically sends a message to Facebook and it also gives me an option to send to Twitter or any other social media outlet. That way, hopefully someone can register with Swagbucks with me as their referral.  

I certainly don't spend all day searching the web or searching for Swagcodes.... but sometimes I do just plug in random nothing words into the search tool to try and win 
some... and it works.
You can also earn them now by printing your coupons through there and purchasing your Groupons and Living Social deals too.
You can use your SB to purchase Amazon gift cards or many other things. One of the best economical choices is to purchase the $5 Amazon GC. There is a max of 5 GC per month allowable. Twice a month Swagbucks sends a code to claim your Amazon GCs. It can then be deposited into your Amazon gift card account. There is no limit and no expiration. When you shop at Amazon, it automatically takes it from your GC balance..... so it's FREE shopping... who doesn't love that?
  I've earned $85 in FREE Amazon gift cards since April. I could've earned more if I really used it earlier in the year like I do now.
I'm sure I will have well over $200 in FREE Amazon money for next Christmas.
Also.. if you don't already know... you get more bang for your buck if you purchase $5 Amazon cards at a time instead of the $20 or $25 ones.

Here's some of the Christmas gifts I ordered from Amazon for FREE...

Monterrey Series MT45711 Quesadilla Baker

Rory's Story Cubes


LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic I Spy

 Aren't you excited?  Don't you want to start winning some Swagbucks today?  Just click that pretty little blue box below and get started now.

Search & Win

I hope I explained it well enough for you.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll try to help

And now time to tell you about my fabulous friend, Mamapedia....
It operates very similarly to Groupon, but each deal is valid for three days, 5% of your purchases go to the school of your choice, AND... it's really easy to earn referral $$$.  
Mamapedia's specials are for mom/family friendly bargains.
So far I've earned $120 in referrals in almost 2.5 months.
Back in mid-October I saw this fab deal on one of my friend's Facebook status updates so I signed up, posted the links to it on Facebook and Twitter ... and then after work I saw that someone used me as a referral and purchased these super cheap movie tickets so I ended up with a $10 credit... and I used $8 of that to purchase my 2 movie tickets for FREE.... I love it!
I cranked in most of my referrals during the AMC Movie tickets offer and a Starbucks gift card offer.

below is the standard referral info from
Mamapedia Sweet Deals..

take a gander at some of my fabulous deals I've received for free with my referral credits ---

*$15 for $30 Worth of Merchandise from The Organized Parent - I bought two vouchers shich I used to purchase these super cute personalized water bottles...

*$20 for $40 worth of Great Toys from Back To Basics Toys  - I used this voucher to receive a few different BOB book sets like this...

*$20 for $40 Worth of Reebok, Crocs, Steve Madden and all your favorite brands plus Free Shipping at - I used my voucher to get these super fun Crocs boots for my youngest son.  They are his favorite color and now he'll be able to wear fireman boots like his friends. 

 and I was also able to get these for me...

too bad the boots are on backorder...but Griffin will still be able to wear them for a while
Order Total
Merchandise Total: $40.94
Promotional Discount: -$40.00
Standard Shipping: FREE
Estimated Tax: $0.00
Order Total: $0.94

Look at that!  I paid less than a dollar for both of those pairs of shoes.  Remember that I used my referral credit to purchase this deal, so it truly was only 94 cents that I paid for these.

I LOVE Mamapedia Sweet Deals!!!!!!!!!!   BUT.... they took a  teeny break for the holidays so only one brand new deal is available right now. 

$15 for $30 Worth of Kids Clothing & Apparel at Kidorable

Kidorable has the CUTEST themed outfits, mainly rain jackets and umbrellas, but definitely more than just that.  You can find  frog, ballerina, ladybug, pirate themes, plus many other fun ones.

Please be sure to sign up with Mamapedia now and then you will start receiving their offers in your inbox very soon.

Sooooo... between my Swagbucks Free Amazon money and my Mamapedia referral bucks... I think I spent $160 in FREE money for Christmas gifts.  Christmas 2011 is going to be soooooo much sweeter since I will have the entire year to earn more.

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Jennifer said...

That is amazing! I think I need to try this out... I just put myself on a no spending diet! This would be really helpful to my shopaholic nature!

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Cori said...

WIsh I understood've definitely got me interested!!! I need to look into this!!

Happy New Year!

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