Friday, December 17, 2010

I feel like a rockstar!!!

ok... you know I'm the Social Media Leader for my Gap store.

I am very envious of the Gap at Southpark Mall's Facebook Fan page since they have over 1800 fans.  It grows and it grows and it grows.  I can not wait until my Casa Paloma store page is like that.  I guess my store page is kind of the envy of the other Arizona stores, since it is the largest with 259 fans.  If I could get all of my co-workers on board and talk it up, that would definitely help.


Twitter is another story!  I felt like a rock star today when I saw a tweet telling @Gap_CasaPaloma that it was famous.  This guy from Atlanta blogged about "Social Media Done Right", praising the @Gap_CasaPaloma for their social networking skills.  Since I'm the one who maintains that account, I was totally thrilled.    Isn't that soooo cool?


Are you playing along with Gap's Project Reindeer right now?  

Wednesday Emma the Reindeer won it's challenge so all Gap stores offered an extra 40% off of the entire purchase if you mentioned "Emma40" at the cash wrap.  Bailey won the ProjectReindeer Challenge Thursday! That means all mens and womens SWEATERS are 50% off at Gap on Friday 12/17.  You just have to mention "Bailey50" to the cashier since this is not advertised in the stores.  

You'll have to like our Casa Paloma Fan page and/or follow along with Project Reindeer to see what fabulous promotions will happen throughout the weekend.

Here are some fabulous ideas for you to consider for the  sweater promo:

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