Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eversave: extra savings!



      Smoky- Mountain Minerals

Today's Save:$16 for $32 worth of natural beauty and skin care products from Smoky Mountain Minerals

Expires 11:59 PM - Feb 25, 2011

Use promo code "FAN" to get $3 off of any Eversave promo today. Be sure to like Eversave also. They are giving away lots of prizes to their Facebook fans this week since it's their Facebook Fan Appreciation Week.  They just gave away a $20 credit for hitting 20,000 fan goal.  I believe an iPad is one of their giveaways too, so you better hurry so you can possibly win something too.

You can even use the $3 credit towards one of these deals right now too:


      Bonus Save:

Today's Save:$25 for $50 worth of luxury jewelry, watches, sunglasses and more from

Expires 11:59 PM - Feb 23, 2011



      Bonus Save: The Juno Company

Today's Save:$15 for $30 to spend how you want on award-winning musical DVDs, CDs and more from The Juno Company

Expires 11:59 PM - Feb 24, 2011


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