Wednesday, July 23, 2008

funny stuff

a little bit perturbed after going to the grocery store (Frys) today....
my yummy generic store brand cheapo macaroni and cheese used to be 3 boxes for a dollar ..... and now it has a stinkin' tag of 69 cents with a "price cut" label down to 50 cents.... hello! how is that a price cut? ok, I guess compared to the 69 cents, but to the 33 cents like I usually pay most every week? nope


ok.............. now.. after that little rant... time for some funnies............

I found
this at DST today...... soooooo funny!

All of these are legitimate companies that didn't spend quite enough time to consider how their online name might appear!

These are not made up.

Check them out yourself!

1. 'Who Represents' is where you can find the name of the agent that represents any celebrity.Their Web site is:

2.'Experts Exchange' is a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at:

3. Looking for a great pen? Look no further than 'Pen Island'.
It can be found at:

4.Need a therapist? Try 'Therapist Finder' at:

5. Then there's the 'Italian Power Generator' company.

Check it out at:

6.'IP computer' software, there's always:

7.'The First Cumming Methodist Church' Web site is:

8.And the designers at 'Speed of Art' await you at their wacky Web site:


Mousey said...

ROFLMAO I saw them on DST, too funny!

I'll ggrrr with you on the so-called "price cuts". It seems to be happening more and more.

Jacinda said...

Speedofart - that still cracks me up! I found your blog through DST, and have enjoyed reading it. I took my dd (4 and a half years) bowling for the first time recently too. She preferred to use the kiddie ramp, and fair and square beat me by a good 20 points! LOL. I did a LO about it on my blog if you want to see it. congratulations on your new CT too - I look forward to seeing their pages.


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