Thursday, July 24, 2008

exciting deals...

ok... ya know how I love my deals at The Gap.... well, tonight I ended returning some PJs before I clocked in to work... they were just a little too small for Griffin for when it starts to get cooler in a few months .... they were long sleeved with pants............................. I wasn't really intending to get anything else... BUT........ I just happened to snag a super cute first day of school outfit for Hudson for dirt cheap... a super cute short sleeved button up surfer style shirt with cool navy shorts........with their markdown prices and my discount... they were only $5 ... oh, I love that place!

I am so ready for school to start too.. only one more week, plus a couple days..... it's crazy how early school is here.. and only a couple months off for summer... but I'm so ready for it... and so is Hudson


out of three boys, I only have one who has chosen to suck his thumb... I'm so glad the other two never did & never really cared for pacifiers either....

wellllllll... Hudson will be 4 in September and he loves his thumb way too much when he's tired at home... he never sucks it at a friend's house or anywhere outside our house (except for grandparents homes).....
and... last summer it became infected & cleared up after antibiotics.... and we now just finished his medicine tonight for this summer's infection, his nail fell off at the pool today too................. you'd think that he wouldn't want to suck it anymore because of what happened, but he's addicted!
I know I won't have to worry about him sucking it at school or anywhere else... but... we'd love to have him break the habit

his pediatrician just says he'll hopefully grow out of it... and if he's still sucking it by 7, we can entertain the idea of putting a device in his mouth... ... we don't really want to think about this

sooooooooooooo... all you thumb sucker (or finger sucker) moms..... do you have any magical advice?


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oh my... I LOVE my new CT so much!!! They've only been part of my team for a day now & they are already producing some super cool layouts for me to go with a super fun kit that I'm releasing on the 1st....

here's a little tease of the kit... just a tease... :)


Melissa said...

My six year old (seven in Sept) still sucks her thumb. We are trying a reward system where we catch her not sucking her thumb (Yes it's that bad), she gets a point. She loses one if we see her sucking it. The trick is to make sure you add at least 5 points before you take one away. Once she reaches 100 points she gets to pick a reward which happens after a couple of days then you start again. This was the plan from her speech therapist.

Eve said...

I have to go school shopping some for my daughter. She starts school August 18th. Hopefully I can find some good deals...

thumper6423 said...

As a former thumb sucker, all I can say is give him some time. I know the bigger the deal my family made out of it, the less I wanted to stop. It really depends on his personality. I'm very much a "I'll do it when I'm good and ready, not when you want me to" kinda of person, so I think that's why my family's good intentions drove me to do the opposite. If your son is a stubborn type, it might be best to just leave him alone for now and see what happens.

Barb said...

My daughter sucked her thumb until she was 10 (although she didn't do it in public after she was about 7). Rewards..none of that worked for us. She just finally had to quit when the orthodontist told her that he couldn't put braces on her if she was still sucking that thumb. She finally quit.

Bev said...

I know I can't wait for school to start! that sneak peak looks like a good one!

Charleen said...

Really LOVE your blog. I'm glad I visited. I'll be back. :)

milkcan said...

Thanks for the tease! I can't wait to see what's up!

SarahB said...

That looks like a fabulous kit underway!

Hop over to my blog--I've given you a little award!

Terebinthtree said...

My youngest ds was a thumb sucker, too. When it was about 2 months before his 5th birthday, I causally mentioned that did you know that 5 yo's were so big that they don't suck their thumbs? Nothing was said about him stopping, I just wanted to plant a seed in his mind of a fact - no emotion attached to the idea. Ever so often, I'd mention it to him, and he would nod in agreement. Then about a month before his birthday I told him gently that he was going to stop sucking his thumb when he turned 5, because he will be a big boy then. He agreed because that's what 5 yo's do. Once he turned 5, he sucked his thumb about twice more and then just quit on his own. No theatrics, no tug-of-war of who's in charge; I'm so thankful he quit so easy. Hope this idea can help you, too.


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