Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you love the Gap???

Look at the banner....
I finally updated it to match my store banners... YAY!!!!!!!!


Remember the monsoon I mentioned a few nights ago????
Well... here are some pics...

flooded backyard...

more flooded backyard, dripping off of our patio overhang...

just a teeny bit of standing water on our patio and backyard....
Griffin had a BLAST jumping and running in it

Hi... I'm wet.. how about you?


Only a few days left for Gotta Grab It...

Mix and match your PERFECT kit! Pick from 70+ element, paper and alpha packs, mini kits and more, all using the same color swatch and theme, and build your pefect kit. This month's theme is DENIM!

how cool is that???

here's a gander at my goodies........

Gracie Mae

Grabba Edges

and... Grabba Chirpie

(detailed images available for each goodie of mine)

From July 14 - 20 EST/EDT, the Gotta Pixel Designers will bring you one huge collaborative effort to bring you exactly what you need and want. There is something for everyone to pick from! A smörgåsbord of artistic talent and at a great price!

View all the products!


and.. only a few days left for my Creative Team Call...

Find the details HERE


As many people know, I work part time at The Gap. Well, our Friends and Family program is coming up soon and I've got a special for you. I just realized that I have 2 extra offers leftover, so I'm letting a couple of you lucky blogging friends have them.

Here's the scoop...

All friends and family participants receive 25% off ..... it's good at Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy (including outlets), and for all three days (August 1-3rd)
........ AND... an e-mail invitation will be sent to you by Gap

it's now called Give and Get............. 5% of whatever you purchase during this time will go towards a charity I choose...we have 5 to choose from & I haven't picked mine yet (it will most likely be Dress for Success or Boys and Girls Club of America)

it's a pretty cool program, don't you think?

all you have to do is leave a comment here.... and the random number generator will pick two lucky ducky people

**deadline - very soon.... 9pm PST/midnight EST TONIGHT, July 18th
**I don't want this to go to waste, so please only try if you will definitely use it
**you MUST leave your e-mail address and first and last name so I can notify you and Gap can send you an e-mail invitation


Bev said...

what an adorable kit!

lorig said...

Please don't include me in the draw.

I wanted to comment on the denim edges. They are great.

Looks like your little guy had lots of fun playing in the water.

Anonymous said...

I do like the Gap - and my daughters LOVE it. I'd love to be entered in the drawing.

Melissa said...

LOVE the Gap!!

Dottie Greenshield said...

love the denim!

Dottie Greenshield said...

love the denim!

K@trine said...

Fun reading your blog! and I love the GAP!

Amy said...

Sara!!! Love the new header and all your denim things are so stinkin cute! I can't believe all that water, holy cow! I miss you, we need to catch up soon and plan our next big thing! Teeehhheeee

Anonymous said...

what an awesome giveaway!

I would have loved to have entered, but have no spare money to spend now. Congrats to the winners!

LaRessie said...

Hi Sara, It is LaRessie. I used to be on your CT. Hope all is well. I am going to post and say I would LOVE to have a chance at the Friends and Family gift. Your new stuff looks GREAT. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

oops.... forgot to leave my name if you email me i'll send it to you just didn't want to have it all out there ...Thanks


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