Saturday, November 11, 2006

I updated my blog header!

Late last night I updated my header with bits and pieces of several of my kits. I think it looks much more fun than it did before since I made that a few months ago and only with one of my very early kits. Now I just need to update my blog blinkie so it can coordinate with it. Ok....I don't reallyhave much else to say right now. I'm just a bit boring and will ramble ...sooooo...later!

***** that I look at it...the new Beta format of Blogger is making things difficult for header has no disappeared so I have to find help to get it back on the page... oh-whoa-is-me


DigiBrandi said...

Sorry it disappeared - I was just going to leave a message that I don't see anything! I hope it's fixed soon! Beta blogger does some weird stuff sometimes.

Jen said...

What I can see (I assume that's all of it) - it looks GREAT!!!!


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