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you so want to know this...

Do you want to know some pretty cool Tweets to follow? I found this very nifty list of the top 100 Twitter Feeds to Teach You Something New, Fun, and Useful. There's a bunch of different categories too, like words & languages, pop culture, money, health, humor, and so much more.

I've copied the list here for you to make it a bit easier for you to reference...

Words and Language

From book reviews to author insight to writing and grammar tips, you’ll learn something new each day just by following these Twitterers.

  1. @thebookmaven: Bethanne Patrick is a book reviewer and blogger.
  2. @frenchlanguage: Get a French vocabulary word or language learning tip per day.
  3. @paperhaus: Carolyn Kellogg is the lead book blogger at the LA Times.
  4. @GrammarGirl: Mignon Fogarty makes improving your grammar fun and easy.
  5. @dailylark: Follow @dailylark to expand your vocabulary and find inspiration from fun phrases like "a pity of prisoners" or "a rumple of geeks."
  6. @GrammarCops: The grammar police are obsessed with word usage and mistakes.
  7. @thebookstudio: Get videos of author interviews and more.
  8. @spanishlanguage: Get daily Spanish lessons, including business Spanish, here.
  9. @wordnik: Learn more about words, definitions, usage and idioms from @wordnik.
  10. @iMandarinPod: Learn Chinese from the podcasts and tweets shared by @iMandarinPod.
  11. @talkirish: Learn Gaelic and Irish phraseology here.
  12. @Linguick: Keep up with linguistics news and learn about the meaning behind phrases like "couchsurfing."

Life hacks

You’ll find incredibly useful life hacks as well as silly remedies and tips from these tweeters.

  1. @MarthaStewart: The queen of life hacks and nifty living, Martha Stewart tweets about design and more.
  2. @AskingAmy: Amy Dickinson addresses questions and letters from her Ask Amy advice column.
  3. @tomshroder: Writer Tom Shroder offers random life tips like "When you get poison ivy, I say: Scratch till it bleeds" and "Clearly it is immoral to tweet on Sundays."
  4. @gtdguy: David Allen, the inventor of the "Getting Things Done" philosophy, tweets more life hacks here.
  5. @zen_habits: Fans of the Zen Habits blog will also like the Twitter feed, which is full of life hacks.
  6. @Lifehacker: This popular website also uses Twitter to share tips for making life easier.
  7. @stevepavlina: Follow Steve Pavlina if you want to wake up and really live your life.

Pop Culture and Current Events

News doesn’t have to be boring. These feeds combine hard news with interesting analysis and plenty of pop culture fun.

  1. @petersagal: Peter Sagal is host of NPR’s "Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me" and a good follow for fun commentary on the world’s events.
  2. @jdickerson: Find out what really goes on behind closed doors in Washington by following John Dickerson of Slate and CBS News.
  3. @thedailybeast: Learning about the top news of the day is anything but boring when you get it from The Daily Beast.
  4. @HorribleNews: Here you’ll learn about all the horrible, bizarre news of the day, with a humorous twist.
  5. @NYTPicker: Follow this feed to get the most interesting stories and news from The New York Times.
  6. @TIME: TIME tweets a mixture of hard news and pop culture updates.
  7. @weirdnews: From a hot dog thief to real-life wedding crashers, get the weirdest news of the day here.
  8. @andersoncooper: The always-popular Anderson Cooper tweets news blasts about the economy, media, President Obama, and more.

Blogging and Internet

Become a better social networker, blogger and web worker when you follow these feeds.

  1. @piercedavid: This college boy is full of webby, techie tips for Twitter, iPhone, and more.
  2. @scottkarp: Learn more about the online publishing industry and how it’s taking over from Scott Karp, CEO of Publish2 and Editor of Publishing 2.0.
  3. @dmscott: David Meerman Scott shares social media marketing tips and news.
  4. @chrispirillo: Learn what’s new in social media and Internet from @chrispirillo.
  5. @wired: This Wired.com feed shares tech reviews.
  6. @Twitter_Tips: Hack Twitter with the tips you find on @Twitter_Tips.
  7. @Maggie: Follow Maggie, and she’ll help you whip your blog into shape.

Arts and Entertainment

Discover new art, music and theatre trends as you join the conversation started by these feeds.

  1. @allsongs: The All Songs Considered show on NPR shares music you’ll love on @allsongs.
  2. @artistaday: A different artist each featured every day on this feed.
  3. @100artworks: This urban art and grafitti blog will teach you to look at art in new ways.
  4. @pitchforkmedia: If you want to be clued in about the best in new music, follow @pitchforkmedia.
  5. @broadwaycom: Follow this feed for news from Broadway.


From everyday budget tips to hard financial news and investing ideas, check out these feeds.

  1. @TheLexColumn: The Financial Times’ column tweets about business and finance news from London, New York and Hong Kong.
  2. @shoestring: Follow Shoestring Magazine on Twitter for everyday budget tips.
  3. @NationalDebt: Find out the national debt on any given day by following this feed.
  4. @mint: The popular web budgeting tool tweets, too.
  5. @walletwhiz: The team behind the iPhone’s first budget calendar shares budget living tips.
  6. @SuzeOrmanShow: Let Suze Orman tell it to you straight if you ask her money questions on Twitter.
  7. @currencynews: Learn about world currencies and keep up with the health of the U.S. dollar.
  8. @USATODAYmoney: Get finance news from the stock market and beyond.
  9. @GetOutOfDebtGuy: Learn about all things credit from this guy.
  10. @taxtherapy: Discover tips for managing your taxes here.
  11. @StockTwits: Real investors connect by following this feed.
  12. @walletpopper: Get money saving tips and advice on surviving the recession.

Life Questions

Follow these tweeters to get a steady stream of life questions and challenges.

  1. @geneweingarten: This Washington Post columnist tweets things like "Theory: Water and celery are the same thing, only celery tastes worse" and "Some men see what is and think "Why?" I see what never was and think "Why not?" Like, why don’t ladies’ nipples dispense beer?"
  2. @shitmydadsays: This 29-year-old tweeter writes down everything his dad says, like "Anytime someone sells you food in a sack, it’s not a sack of food, it’s a sack of shit."


Discover tips for living a healthier life from doctors, health news sites and more.

  1. @sanjayguptaCNN: Dr. Sanjay Gupta shares health tips plus insight into his fascinating, high profile career.
  2. @BrstCancerNews: Follow @BrstCancerNews to get medical research updates, risk factors, and other related news.
  3. @diseaseaday: Learn more about diabetes, obesity, H1N1 and more.
  4. @EatThisNotThat: This popular diet makes it easy to find fun, delicious alternatives.
  5. @WomensHealthMag: By following this feed, you’ll get all kinds of fitness, healthy eating and healthy living tips.

Jokes and Humor

By following these feeds, you’ll learn everything from new jokes to a new spin on the news of the day.

  1. @timcarvell: Tim Carvell is a joke writer for TV.
  2. @MoRocca: For random entertainment news and jokes about famous people, follow @MoRocca.
  3. @BorowitzReport: Andy Borowitz makes up his own headlines to comment on the news.
  4. @kevin_nealon: Weeds actor and comedian Kevin Nealon tweets "Not only texting as I drive but also bathing" and other nutty things.
  5. @patrickborelli: Patrick Borelli writes for The Onion, if that gives you any clue.
  6. @chelsealately: Learn about the bizarre news from the entertainment industry from Chelsea Handler.
  7. @ComicTwit: Learn a cheesy joke each day when you follow @ComicTwit.
  8. @cklouis: Louis C.K. shares the humor in the every day, plus more.

Business and Media

Find out what’s really going on in business, on Wall Street and in the media industry from these fun and interesting feeds.

  1. @romenesko: Get a dose of media news from the Romenesko column from The Poynter Institute.
  2. @carr2n: David Carr of the New York Times believes he’s "too loquacious for Twitter" but still manages to tweet about the media industry, his dog Charlie and everything in between.
  3. @adage: Get the news and gossip from the advertising, marketing and media worlds here.
  4. @HarvardBiz: This unstuffy feed from Harvard Business Publishing offers helpful business and management tips.
  5. @MindfullyChallenge: This feed will inspire you to make real changes in your work style and beyond.
  6. @FreelanceSw: FreelanceSwitch’s Twitter feed helps self-employed writers and web workers grow their businesses.
  7. @dealbreaker: Get your Wall Street news from this fun-to-read gossip blog.

General Learning

From museums to colleges to libraries, these institutions and online resources will keep you learning every day.

  1. @smithsonian: The Smithsonian tweets about online resources and events plus interesting issues from politics, history, art and beyond.
  2. @HarvardResearch: Find out what the research teams at Harvard are working on now.
  3. @USATODAYcollege: Keep up with news from academia and get tips for going back to school.
  4. @resourceshelf: Professionals, educators and journalists — plus anyone who’s got a curious mind — will appreciate the headlines, research studies and random news from @resourceshelf.
  5. @amhistorymuseum: The Smithsonian’s American History Museum shares trivia, new exhibit updates, a "this day in history" feature and more.
  6. @RHLibrary: Random House Library offers up news, recommendations and general reference tips and suggestions for educators, Star Wars geeks, bookworms, and more.
  7. @MoMAlearning: Beth Harris at the MoMA tweets for educators and students.
  8. @NYBG: The New York Botanical Garden tweets about public parks, creating your own floral centerpiece, gardening, and spending more time outside.


Become a more eco-conscious, sustainable individual when you follow these green bloggers and institutions.

  1. @thegoodhuman: David from TheGoodHuman.com shares tips for being more energy efficient.
  2. @starfocus: Danielle from the National Wildlife Federation tweets green living tips that save animals and the environment.
  3. @nature_org: The Nature Conservancy tweets small ideas that can make big changes in terms of saving the environment.
  4. @Sierra_Magazine: This conservation publication offers up all kinds of everyday suggestions for going green.
  5. @TreeHugger: From green shopping to green design to environmental news, @TreeHugger is a smart resource for learning about conservation and more.
  6. @ecofashionista: Kelly Drennan proves that eco fashion is fabulous, too.
  7. @IdealBite: Live a more sustainable life when you follow @IdealBite.

Cooking and Food

These feeds will teach you how to have more fun in the kitchen.

  1. @bflay: Celebrity chef Bobby Flay tweets to share his favorite tequilas and recipes.
  2. @Paula_Deen: Paula Deen will inspire you to get in the kitchen to whip up some homemade delights.
  3. @andrewzimmern: Let the Bizarre Foods host open up your world to new and interesting cooking.
  4. @foodgawker: Foodgawker shares recipes and tips from the best food bloggers.
  5. @ChewOnThat: Learn about new recipes and brush up on your foodie vocabulary from @ChewOnThat.
  6. @whatscooking: Michelle from San Francisco shares recipes and foodie news.

Sports and Recreation

Pick up a new hobby, enjoy your time outdoors and keep up with the latest in golf, sailing, camping and more.

  1. @IanMBrowne: Ian Browne is a serious sports junkie who follow games play by play.
  2. @PBSNationalPark: Ken Burns’ documentary about national parks is the theme of this feed.
  3. @SportsNation: Keep up with players, stats, uniforms, trades, and sports trends here.
  4. @SailingUpdates: Discover more about sailing culture, races, and more.
  5. @The_Masters: Golf fans can keep up with general sports news and The Masters updates.
  6. @traveldudes: If you want to learn more about global travel and discover new places to visit, follow @traveldudes.

and................... 101. @SaraEisMe .... that's me :) I just had to add myself to this most desirable list


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Hi, stopped by from SITS. I've not got into twitter yet, I wonder for my sanity if I did as I tend to get sucked in to the vortex when taking on new things! I once stayed at home for a week, many years ago when the first handheld sega games were launched so that I could beat sonic the hedgehog. How geeky does that sound?? *L* Ssh, don't tell anyone....

Tonya said...

Wow, that's a heck of a list. Congrats on your recent blog awards.


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I'm launching a new carnival today about JOY - come check it out and add a post!

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Fun lists!!!

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Wow! Thanks for the list. I am going to check out a few of them.


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