Friday, October 09, 2009

gotta grab it

Somehow.... miraculously .... my sound just decided to start working again in Firefox. It hasn't worked in about a week or so. If I need sound, I have had to use IE. It was such a pain because I really don't care for IE at all. Right now I have my blog open in one tab so I can listen to my playlist (right sidebar). I haven't listened to it in so long and I'm really really enjoying it. The first song I was able to listen to was Everything by Modern Day Zero. Awesome tune!

ok.. even more weird... is somebody trying to tell me something? I left my blog for a moment and came back to it........... AND.... Everything was the first song again. My tunes are shuffled each time. How did that song just happen to be the first song two times in a row?

A couple reasons why I think it's extra odd is because... #1 I'm not happy with my husband right now.... and #2 Scotty, the lead singer from Modern Day Zero, sang a couple songs at my ex-husband's funeral 1.5 years ago (they were good friends) .... Am I reading too much into something?

Right now it's All I Want to Do by Sugarland is playing now - another fab tune (of course I think so, it's on my playlist)

ok.... I bet you are going to end up sitting on my blog now and scroll around just so you can hear more of my tunes, aren't you? I bet so. I'm soooo enjoying them right now, so I bet you might too. ok... enough... movin' on to more fun....


Since I found the lovely SITS blog recognition home, I've been entering lots of blog drawings lately. Wow! I can't believe how many fabulous items are being given away. Earlier this week I won some cards from Hallmark's newest line.
Shannon from the Milk and Cuddles blog held a little contest for Hallmark. Be sure to check out her blog and see some of her other giveaways.

One that I'm really really hoping to win is the Dyson DC24. See my nifty button on the left sidebar. It will hook you up so you can try too. Maybe one of us can be the lucky needle in that huge haystack trying for it.


by the way........ Hurricane party by Cowboy Mouth is playing now :) happiness!


it's Gotta Grab It time at Gotta Pixel !!!!!!!!!!!

all $1 each through Tuesday...

Space Case Elements
Space Case - elements (S4H ok)

Space Case papers 1
Space Case - papers 1 (S4H ok)

Space Case papers 2
Space Case - papers 2 (S4H ok)

Space Case flair
Space Case - Flair (S4H ok)

Be sure to check out all the other uber-talented Gotta Pixel designers contributions for October's Gotta Grab It. I truly think this is our best month yet! There are over 60 fabulous items available!

(have you grabbed my recent blog train goodies recently? there are a couple different ones available)

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Kelly said...

Ok what a cute adorable blog!! I am glad you beat me on roll call for spot #1 cause now I got the chance to see your blog.

I can't choose a favorite post to share...well my my list of 100 but it is kinda long sorry :)

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest


Lindsay said...

Hi Sara! OK, a few things...

1) Your play list is AMAZING :) Love that Sugar Land song - when it first came out, I wore my husband out with the "Dooo oooo oooo doooo" line LOL

2) I recently got in to digital scrapping, so I'm super excited that you have some awesome scrap stuff here!

3) Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I just found SITS yesterday and am having a blast with it, LOL

Have a great weekend!


Kelly said...

ok I so added gotta pixel to my list! Love it!


Fruitful Vine2 said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest! Congratulations on being the first on roll call today at SITS.

DakerMom said...

Visiting from SITS. I love your blog design, I'm going to have to look her up when it's time for me to commit to a design idea for mine. I've liked others so far, but this is my favorite. I'm a newer scrapbooker, so I like seeing your design ideas for that too. Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your husband's passing and that things are yucky with your current husband.

Thank you for coming by on my sits day!

Anonymous said...

PS congrats on being the first sits commenter today! Happy Sits Saturday Sharefest!

Anonymous said...

What creative, neat blog decor! How talented! I couldn't even begin to think about how that works! I haven't yet developed a play list. I need to bump up my tech ability here! Congrats on being #1 at SITS today!

Lucky Girl said...

Wow! It's BEAUTIFUL here...and you have MUSIC??? Cool..

Okay can you tell I'm a blogger newbie?

Love your blog!!

Chef Eureka said...

Happy Sits Sharefest Saturday!!!! It's a pleasure to meet you :)

Congrats on winning something the other day!!! hehehe, always nice to WIN :D

Twincerely,Olga said...

What a nice blog! Stopping over from SITS! Congrats. on being first!!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Your blog is really cute!

Happy SITs Saturday Sharefest.

And good luck with winning the Dyson. We own a Dyson and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest and congrats on the number 1 roll call spot!

Tracie said...

SITS sent me over here....and I might just stay to listen to your cool tunes. Very fun, and you have a very cute blog. Sorry you are having one of those days...I hope that your evening improves considerably. I've got a link to a great giveaway on my blog (come on, you know I get credit if I refer you, so it is shameful really, but I am putting in a plug anyway!)

Happy SITS Saturday!!

Kimberly said...

Just blog hopping through the SITS roll call. Your blog is super cute. Love your design work.

Jacquie said...

wonderful! Thank for sharing !

LuAnn said...

your space kit is adorable! I wish I had some ideas to do with it!

Kelly said...

I love your scrappy stuff so much I left you a present on my blog.



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