Thursday, January 10, 2008

I work at the Gap close to me. It's a Womens/Body/Kids/Baby store and I just absolutely love it.

I'm hating my after-holiday hours...but...besides that, I love it.

I went in today to get my schedule and check ... and I ended up grabbing a few things for my little guys.

I purchased 4 coats (2 for this year and 2 for next - just in case we go up to Flagstaff or somewhere else in N. AZ where it's cooler) that were all price-killed (super marked down to move them out of the store)......anyway... each coat was between $12.97-17.97.
I also grabbed three long sleeve tees and a heavy zipper hoodie sweatshirt .... before my discount, that all came to just under $ of the down coats regular price was $68.....
well, I got everything (8 items) with my discount and plus tax...for $68


oh ... I love bargains... especially when I get great clothes

the only down side is that I ended up not getting anything for myself this time.

soooooooooo.... if you have a Gap Kids near you... check out their coats and see how cheap they are...............when it comes to price killing, it's up to each individual store manager to decide that


well.. as most everyone knows by now, OAKS will be closing on the 31st.....we're all so sad about it

I wanted to share where all of our design team will be.
This is by no means a complete list. But I will update it as I get updates. Alot of us have some FAB sales going on right now too. Just click on their name and be taken right to their OAKS store.

Ann-Marie Pickleberrypop
Beth Kern NDISB & Just for the Scrap of it
Blythe Evans Purple Paper Flowers
Cherie Shields Purple Paper Flowers & Gotta Pixel
Danielle Engebretson Purple Paper Flowers & Digital Freebies
DC Designs Digital Freebies
Doreen Stolz Digital Freebies
Faith True SBB
Jennifer Barrette ????? (taking a short design break)
Jessica Gorny pickleberrypop
Kaye Winiecki pickleberrypop and Purple Paper Flowers
Laura Pitman Gotta Pixel
Manda J Designs ????? (possibly retiring)
Misty Maier Plain Digital Wrapper
Rachel Martin Purple Paper Flowers & pickleberrypop
Sara Ellis Gotta Pixel
Sarah Grimwood Plain Digital Wrapper and PickleBerryPop
Scrappin' Hillbilly Sweetpea Designs Designing Moments and Treasures to Scrap
Sherry Ferguson DigiScrapShak, ScrapDish, and Gotta Pixel
Victoria Feemster SBB
(I have no clue why some names are in diff really doesn't mean anything)

did you notice that I have 3 fab girls joining me over at Gotta Pixel??? YAY!!!!


I have a sale on my newest product right now...... scroll down to find out more :)


Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Wow Awesome deal, thanks for the tip! :) Thanks also for letting us know where everyone is going, I'm going to have to check out that sale. Thanks! :)

Azrood said...

More great deals! I'll have to check on the coats at our store as dd and ds will both need new ones for next year. Thanks for the list of new homes for the OAKS designers...I was wondering where everyone was going.

Anonymous said...

oh wow! So, now I need to go shopping. Thanks a lot Sara! ROFL Just kidding! Thanks for the tip!

And I'm so glad everyone at Oaks either knows what they are doing or has found a home! I'm excited to be selling with Blythe over at PPF! over 4 years we've known each other and we finally can work together. LOL

Have a great day!

Neverland Scraps said...

So glad to have you with us at Gotta Pixel!! You are too sweet to tell us where the other designers are going!!

I wish them and you the best of luck in your new stores!!

Welcome to Gotta Pixel!

JanMary said...

Best wishes at GottaPixel


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