Sunday, January 27, 2008

Greek Life

are you watching Rock of Love 2 on VH1? It's always so entertaining... it's one of my late night reality shows that I watch and enjoy........last night that large overly botoxed French girl finally got booted......she did a strip-tease for Bret and a couple other girls...that put her over the loony line....that and her extremely large lips... I swear they look like they must hurt so bad being as large as they are..........................they reminded me of when I sunburned my lips in Jamaica years ago and they swelled up super large and HURT ... it was so uncomfortable... how can people think that it looks good to have them at the point where they look like they are going to explode?


ok..... as a bunch of you already know.... I'm a sorority girl and I 'm still very active in Alpha Phi as our SW Regional Alumnae Membership Coordinator.....

wellllllll.... I've been wanting to come out with some Greek alphas for a while now & I finally have the beginning of my new series..........I made it so that includes the full English alphabet too... isn't that fabulous??????


Do you need a fun alpha to help you scrap your old fraternity and sorority pictures? Have you taken a vacation to Greece? How about an a fun everyday anytime alpha? That's can have all of that with my new Greek Life series.

All 24 Greek Letters
The remaining 12 English letters to complete the English alphabet (the other 14 are also Greek)
* & ! { }

all individually saved PNG files, 300 ppi

To begin, I just have two sets available - Brad and Gidget......more will be added later

now time for your blog friend coupon :)
expires midnight Feb 7th
valid for ALL alphas in my Gotta Pixel store

don't forget to scroll down to find another coupon... I always have at least one available.. right now there are two :)


BHo said...

Love the Greek letters......Delta Delta Delta alumnae here!

Courtney said...

Wow what a great idea with the Greek letters. I personally wasn't involved in Greek life, but I know tons of girls that were!

Anonymous said...

Great alphas! Thanks for the coupon!

Beth Kern said...

Sara, great alphas, while I might never use the greek ones, I'm so pleased you thought to include the English versions also. Great job.


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