Tuesday, August 21, 2007

pictures and new goodies

welll.... Hudson has been Mr.
Mischievious this past week. I already blogged about his confetti and locking Grif and I out of the house last week. Well, yesterday morning I thought he really hurt himself and was really bleeding. Ha! He decided to have fun with my red nail polish. Before he told me about his fun artistic venture, he at least screwed the top back on the bottle and put it back where it belonged. I'm also so thankful that Griffin was with me so that he didn't become the painting place. Just look at these fab pics that I took with my cell (remember my camera is still busted).

and.... a little bit got on my bedroom carpet.....most of it came out....but this is a small pinkish spot still........and at least it's between out bed and my bathroom so it isn't too noticable


I finally had my hair done.... YAY!
for the first time in 3 months.... my roots needed it badly!

I deleted a ton before I kept these...taking self portraits with my cell phone isn't that easy

you can't really tell....but I have some lowlight striped highlights on top...and then the long layers in back show about 2 inches of my darker underneath

I LOVE it (the pictures don't really show it as fab as it really is)...it's my most fave color and cut in a long time...even though it's a bit blonder than I anticipated


introducing my newest goodies............

MIY: Make It Yours ~ Hearts

introductory sale now for only $2

grab them HERE


earlier today I blogged about my last couple weeks of ADSR LOs...so be sure to scroll down


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Anonymous said...

Love the new hair Sara! It looks great!

michellewaite1 said...

Love the hair. Hope you got all the polish out.


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