Friday, August 10, 2007

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mosquito hell ~~~~~~~

can you say OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!

hello!!!!!!!! I live in Phoenix now ... with barely any mosquitoes around.........
I grew up in the midwest, so I'm very familiar with them...but I left them back there

wellllll..we've had lots of rain in the last couple of weeks, so it's time to say hello to them again (UGH!)

we had dinner a couple nights ago at my FIL's house in Scottsdale ...... a bunch of us were outside & some in the pool......guess who the mosquitoes fell in love with more than anyone else??????? ME! I have 44 bites below my knees on both legs!!!!! the rest of my family might only have 1 or 2 bites............... I wasn't wearing perfume...but I might've put lotion on my legs earlier in the day.. I guess I'm just super sweet

wellllllll.... per my mom's suggestion, I tried coating them with Lysol and Hydrogen Peroxide, per my dh's suggestion, I coated them with Benadryl ointment....none of those worked ......... besides scratching to death ............ the best option I've found is to blast them with my hair dryer as hot as I can stand (I learned this when I had poison ivy years a few years ago) gets a bit hot while I'm doing it, but it really does take the itch away for a while

anyway...just thought I'd share my misery with you


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Mary Ellen said...

Time to go shopping! Thanks for sharing the news. I can relate to the mosquitoes - this always happen to me even if I am outside in the backyard for about 10 minutes.

Blythe said...

Good Luck with the sale, hope it goes well for you all. I can totally sympathize with you on the skeeters. I am a skeeter MAGNET!

Cinda said...

What a great sale! Off to check out what you have. That's a lot of mosquito bites (and I live in the Midwest)! Hope they stop itching soon!

dale ann cubbage said...

Good luck with the sale! And you poor girl! I hate mosquitos!!

What you can do though, is paint over each one with clear finger nail polish. It suffocates it, and dries it up faster. And it quits itching!

Hope that helps!

Leda said...

Oh that stinks, I have a similar story from when I was a teen on the camping trip from H*ll.

hope they disappear quickly for ya.


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