Monday, August 06, 2007

CT Call

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The deadline is August 15th.

I am asking for a 3.5 month commitment (til Nov. 30th)

I can't wait to hear from all of you fabulous scrappers :)


potty training update.....

Hudson stoop up and went pee pee in the regular toilet ....... woo-hoo! that's his first time for not using his little potty ...........and there was no mess......YAY!


ADSR time:

Challenge 5 was from Butternug Squash
.....all about the JOURNALING! ...." Here's what I want you to do. Someone in your life has taught you something that has stuck with you. It might be a mothering tip. It might be a viewpoint. It might be some words of wisdom. It might be a love of something.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to scrap about that. Figure out what was passed down to you, from whom, and memorialize it. There are so many choices here - what speaks to your heart the most is the one to choose. "

my entry:

challenge 6 was from Elemental Scraps:
only 1 member of the team can create a LO...and I did ours .......
we can only use one solid bg paper, can use 2 patterns....and MUST use at least 15 elements with no more than 2 from the same designer (I only used one item from each designer)

here's my entry:

see all journaling & credits HERE


katg1006 said...

Hi Sara!! Good Luck with your CT Call! Potty training is also going on in my house my son is doing great, but he just won't tell me during the day if he has to go :( Working on it! Couldn't see your LO's..there were no pics...I'm sure they were fab though! Have a great day!

Kara said...

Hope you are having a good Monday Sara! Good luck with your CT call-they'll be lucky artists because your designs are great. Congrats on the potty success:-)

Victoria said...

Congratulations to the little man! The mother's potty training prayer should include the addendum: "...and may his aim always be true!"

Best of luck on your CT call!

Leda said...

I thought he was on the potty, LOL.


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