Thursday, August 16, 2007

my new CT....and more

ok....I had a tough time going through my CT applications.....but it was so exciting because it was the first time that I really had a good turnout for interested Scrap Silly Sisters....


soooooooo...without further adiou (is that how you spell it)

I love my new girls (and my other regulars) ....they are all so super awesome and incredible scrappers!!!!


now...time for you to have fun....

jeez........ I need to get a spare key and hide it under a rock or something....

when my dh left after lunch to go back to work.........Hudson, Griffin, and I walked outside so they could yell b'bye as he drove down the street .....
well, as I was trying to get Griffin (22 mo) to come inside, Hudson (3 yo nest month) ran inside, locked the door, laughed his head off, and ran away


luckily Grif had his shoes on, but I was barefoot, no shoes on, and it's 102 degrees.........I banged on the front and back doors, and yelled...he just had a devish laugh WHEN he wanted to show me his face.......and we have 2 neighbors that have our garage door openers & one works from home.....neither house was home .... uGH!.... my feet were burning up on the sidewalks and sweat dripping I went to another SAHM mom's house and she let me borrow her phone to call my dh to come back and rescue me, loaned me a pair of flip flops, and gave us a couple drink boxes ......

Hudson finally unlocked the sliding glass door in back for us....30 minutes later and 5 minutes before my dh came back home..


if you don't know, yesterday I posted a thread about how he and Grif tossed shredded paper confetti all over my office

crazy boys!

ok...I need to go take a shower

have fun chuckling


and...yes... I know I still haven't blogged about my ADSR LOs from last week... hopefully I'll do that later before this weekend is here....... so please stay tuned ...hey, I know....sign up on my right sidebar to get notifications when I update my blog ... such a clever thought :)


Mousey said...

LOL Oh dear, that sounds like something my 4 year old would do (and has done!)

Dawn said...

OH MY! Glad you can laugh about that,lol.

Vanessa said...

hello y blog train girl!
I'm sorry you couldn't see anything from my Lay outs, I rzally do not know why, I'm not that copmuterwizz!
Butt thanks anyway for stopping by!

Leda said...

oh my gosh, that is so funny (i mean if you are not the one it happened to, LOL) my friend's little girl did the same thing to her...then began to play with mommy's keys (locked in on the inside) and set off the truck alarm! So, while they waited for someone to come take off the glass door, the truck was honking.

Anyway, good luck with your new CT!

KirstieGai said...

Hi Sara, haven't dropped by for awhile but I've been busy. Great CT you've got there, wish I had a bit more time so I could apply.

Lol about getting locked out, gave me a giggle

Andrea* said...

I totally hear you on getting locked out! My 3 yo has just started that! Great team you've assembled! :c)

Heather said...

Hey! My 3 year old loves to lock me out too. She does when I go out the sliding glass door for some reason. Why oh why do they think it is just hilarious??? LOL Glad you got back in!

Amanda Roberts said...

congrats on your new ct!! it's so weird that you got locked out today cause the same thing happened to me!! My 2yro. got on his truck and locked the door while I was outside, took me forever to get back in!LOL


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