Tuesday, August 21, 2007

catching up with the ADSR

first off........ the most obvious ........

thanks to Francie...one of my new fab CTMs....... my blog is bright and cheery!!!!!! I love it!!!! It was sooo boring and white before......she made my header for me with goodies from my Livid Vivid Morning papers and elements (the elements are a FREEBIE SAMPLER)......and she has updated my side bar with current blinkies (and they actually link up too) .... I think she still has a couple minor things to do......but I'm soooooo happy with it


well.... it's been a couple weeks since I've shared any ADSR LOs....so, it's time to get caught up ...

ADSR #7: hosted by Blue Flomingo - "For this challenge each of you will be creating a multi-photo layout. And not just 2 or 3 photos - you must use a minimum of TEN PHOTOS on your layout!!!! NO TEMPLATES MAY BE USED!!! You may, however, use photo clusters or negative frames, etc. Just no pre-designed page templates.

Now there's a twist so pay close attention... Smiles

You will choose your background paper(s), photos and title and will arrange them the way that you want them. THEN you and your partner will TRADE your layouts and your partner will be responsible to embellish your layout for you!"

Hudson and Griffin love having fun with my shoes.... every one of these pics includes mine, except for the one with Hudson in the green shirt (we're leaving his pediatrician's office and he's in 2 diff shoes of his dad's and my purse) Gone Streakin - Pinky by Sara Ellis at OAKS
Roughin' It White alpha by Sara Ellis at OAKS
clusters from Nancy Comelab
all of the elements are from Urban Plunge,Esteem and Metrosplash all by Victoria Feemster at OAKS

ADSR #8: Hosted by Designs by Dani - Each participant needs to create a layout using the theme “Girl Talk.” Some ideas of how to use the theme: Show us the person you are most likely to “girl talk” with… what is most often the topic of discussion in your “girl talk”? what about when you were a teen? what was the girl talk then? what is it now? how’s it changed? Just about anything goes as long as you incorporate the theme in some way.
Penelope kit from the Fresh & Funky Collection by Faith True and Victoria Feemster at OAKS

journaling: this was one of our last times together for a little catty girl talk time ... even though we were at the park with our kids .......... now we have to settle for phone calls and e-mails ... the 3 of us will be together again and it will be loud, crazy, and laughing fun...just like it was yesterday Lisa, Sara, & Mary 5/21/2007
(Lisa moved back to St. Louis in June)

font is KGD Dixi

and ADSR #9: hosted by Oscraps - "
At Oscraps we’re all about keepin’ it real, so your next challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to scrap your *most embarrassing moment*—you know, that time you put your foot in your mouth big-time, or got caught doing something you never would have done if you’d known people were watching? Yeah—scrap that!

But that’s not all! For this challenge you MUST:

--Use a photo that goes with your most embarrassing moment. It doesn’t have to be a photo of the actual moment (because who stops in the middle of something super embarrassing and says, “Hey, I should get a picture of this so I can scrap it later!”?), but just a visual aid to the story. If you walked around all day with a piece of toilet paper hanging out the back of your pants, then use a photo of a roll of toilet paper. Wink

--Journal about your embarrassing moment.

--Use at least one ribbon

--Use at least one tag

--Use at least two different fonts on your layout (not including alphas) "

journaling: Yummy corn!
Can you believe that I had corn for the very first time one month before I turned 40??? I’m not a veggie girl and it just seemed like it would be nasty. I’m just weird and picky that way. Anyway, I was at a bbq at my girlfriends house and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’d never eaten it before. I’m sooooo glad because it’s now my most favorite thing to eat. The funny thing is that I still haven’t had the nerve to tell her. Why I am embarrassed about this when I can tell her anything else in the world? ok, call me goofy - no, call me corny corny cornball... HA HA ... I’m so funny
first bite April '07 ... now Aug '07

Birthday Boy collab kit by Faith True and Melissa Bennett and The DigiShoppe
Tag Nab It by Faith True at The DigiShoppe
cluster #11 (half of it) from Nancy Comelab

fonts - Snidely, Tekton Pro, KGD Sara E Print

I didn't have to do ADSR 10 since it was a roadblock..Jolie had to do this one ....... I did the previous roadblock for our team


ok...that's it for right now.... I will post more fab things later when I have more time this afternoon.


Gina said...

Bright colors! Wow! Love the layout of your sons in your shoes - wish I had pics of my oldest in her Nana's shoes.

Rose said...

Great LOs. . I love the "Little Streaker!" May have to lift that one! Your blog is nice and bright! Hope you're having a bright day!!

dale ann cubbage said...

Your blog looks just fabulous girlie! Love the header . . great job to your Silly Sister for putting it together!

Your boys just crack me up!!!

Love your new do . . and those MIY hearts!!! SO fun!


Hummie said...

This is such a fun layout with great journaling. I could reach in and take a bite of that corn!


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