Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free finally available at both HODS and OAKS

it's so unbelievably HUGE!!!!!!!!!

you can get the paper pack only

or the element pack only (not everything shown in the preview)

or get the together and save $$

This is the funnest kit for all of your playground and outdoors playtime pictures! We had a ball making this kit and I am sure you will just have the time of your life with this. You can easily use it for both boys and girls. 3 alphas, 25 papers, and a HUGE variety of elements

Included for your enjoyment:
6 solid papers
19 patterned papers
3 alphas (2 look the same, but different sizes)
1 ball and jacks (the game)
1 bouncing ball
1 chain link
7 doodled colored chalk drawings
2 doodled charms
9 regular black doodles
6 painted handprints
1 heart with arrow
1 hopscotch game
1 nailhead
6 paint splotches
2 trees (one with heat carving)
6 fun wordarts
5 buttons (3 threaded)
1 ripped cardboard
1 long fence
1 short fence/gate
1 latched gate lock
1 unhooked gate lock
1 gate knob
3 flowers
2 flower stems
1 patch of grass
5 knotted ribbons
5 playground signs
1 sign post
1 screw
1 sun
2 zig zag stitches
1 messy triple stitch
and a little bit more :)

***************** don't want to miss this.......
Everything is 30% off at HODS on Wednesday...for Wacky Wednesday

including this brand new FABULOUSLY huge kit, Ollie Ollie Oxen Free....

all commerical and personal use items are included in the have to check it out...there really are some super super cool things


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Jess said...

very cool kit. love the kid doodles. I will have to check this out!

Azrood said...

Love the new kit! Next time, could you make it a little bigger {just kidding!}? I'm gonna have to run over and pick that up. Oh, and I voted for you too!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

wow, that kit turned out great dnt aht little preview you gave us last week, didn´t do it justice...Looks awsoem and already on sale too? Yoohoo!!

Have a great day!!

Melanie said...

That kit is SO cute! The elements are friggin' awesome!! :)

Have a wonderful day, girl! {hugs}

Lena Brandenburg said...

What a beautiful kit! Love it!


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