Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crazy Griffin...a challenge...and a surprise

this morning started out of so lovely.....
Griffin decided to hop out of his crib...I found out by his cry......so not good...........he'll be 18 months next week so we aren't ready for him to do this on a consistent basis yet....I'm just hoping that he learned his lesson when he realized that he doesn't know how to climb out of it yet without falling.....I guess I'll find out when he's done with his nap
a little bit later, he decided to shake his sippy cup all over his head (do you think his brother showed him how to do that????).....he looked so sweet with little white drippings of milk dripping from his hair and his shoulders...........this is one of the odd times that I didn't grab the camera before cleaning up the mess...oh well


welllllll......I'm now hosting the Cheat Sheets Challenge over at OAKS...yay!!!!!! I really love the template I designed for this one...don't you?

and here's the LO I did for it...it's Hudson with Nana playing music together on Easter a couple days ago
credits: template by Sara Ellis for the OAKS April Cheat Sheet Challenge
Cinnamon Swirls and My Dirty Boy Kits by Faith True at OAKS
Easy Peasy Folded Corner set #4 by Karah Fredricks at TheDigiChick
font is Guanine

As long as you participate in at least half of the challenges at OAKS, you will receive a fabulous collab kit. How cool is that?????


now....just for the fun of it..... for one week...use coupon code crazyGriffin at OAKS and receive 25% off my goodies...all personal and commercial use items .....please enjoy!


Sarah said...

Well Im sorry you missed out on the picture moment what a funny story! :)

Kim said...

Oh my, I hope my son doesn't learn how to get out of his crib anytime soon! sounds like you have an explorer on your hands hehe

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Ow little guys...LOL! Love the templae and how fun to be hosting a challenge...looks great!!

Thanks for the little coupon too...how sweet!!

Have a great day!!

Krash said...

OH!! I remember those days! I'm lucky mine never did climb out but my youngest used to clim IN all the time!

Traci said...

awww, cute template!!


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