Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

I hope all of you have one super duper funtabulous Easter with your friends and family!!!!!! We have one very busy day ahead for us. We are starting out at my MIL's house for brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt, then heading over to my FIL's house for an early dinner. Hopefully the boys can squeeze a nap in sometime.


Well....thank you sooo much for loving my Torn Up sample so extremely much!!!! I really hope you are enjoying it! I've caught a few in LOs in the DST gallery and I have left comments on the ones I've seen so far. I will keep looking around for more too to see how you've used them.

Since it has been d/l almost 1000 times (WOW!), I have now removed the freebie link. Please take a gander over to my OAKS store to catch the beginnings of my collection. I'm sure you will love the assortment in each set I have.


While you are over at OAKS today, please be sure to play in our fun Easter Egg Hunt game. Today is the 3 rd day to grab the last 3rd of our Easter Egg Mega Collab. All of our fab Design Team chipped in to make this one incredible kit. You can catch some hints d/l HERE.

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Erin said...

wow, that kit looks awesome! Hope you have a great easter :)


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