Friday, April 20, 2007

my 3 boys

first off, let me just tell you that I LOOOOOOVE Nancy Comelab's photo clusters.....they make life soooo much easier. I also loove Faith True's My Amazing Boy Kit. I'm on her CT and I can't believe it took me so long to figure out how much I really love it. I used both Nancy and Faith's items for my fun outside Easter pics in the best 2 pager LO ever. Hudson and Griffin had bunches of fun looking for their eggs, goofing around in my MIL's pool, exploring, and playing in a mud puddle at my FIL's house. Yes, it is nice that we live in Phoenix and that our weather was B-E-A-U-ti-ful!

The first page is pics from my MIL's house and the 2nd one is at my FIL's house. Notice how they have on new shorts for my FIL's? Their cute seersucker cargos were just a tad wet from playing in my MIL's pool.

You can find all credits in my DST and OAKS galleries (see links to the right). For some odd reason, I have barely been able to u/l any LOs to TheDigiChick lately. Apparently they are always too large. I resize them again & they are still too large. It's weird because I'm doing everything like I used to do there. Who knows what's up.


now...time to brag about my oldest, Cooper.

Coop is finishing up his Junior year in high school right now. It's soooo weird to think he doesn't have much more left before he's off to college (which will be before Hudson even hits Kindergarten). Anyway, he was just honored at an awards breakfast at school earlier this week. Each of the teachers could choose one student that is outstanding and deserves special recognition. Well, he was chosen by a recipient by his Physics teacher. Coop has just under a 3.0 GPA....pretty average..........BUT...... Physics comes soooo easily to him. He has an A+ in there without even trying. He doesn't study for any tests and he gets 100% plus the extra credit on them. It's crazy! I am sooooo very proud of him. At this breakfast, he was given a medal & he had to wear it around school all day. He even gets his name up on a wall until next semester when new the next awards are given. So cool!


and now.. a little toot for me....kind of

Lena Brandenburg HELLO'd me yesterday about her first newsletter....she asked me if I wanted free advertising by placing a little ad in it....welllll, of course I said yes. If you are interested in getting her newsletter, just go to her site & sign up. There's TONS of cool stuff in it (coupons, interviews, freebies, a plethora of goodies). Just click on her name to begin your fun with her. You can even listen to a fab song by Corrine Bailey Rae while you are visiting her.


that's it for now....... but don't forget to scroll down to catch some of my other recent stupendous blogging ..I'm sure you'll be happy :)


Laura said...

Great use of Nancys clusters, I have yet to use mine =-o can you believe it!! Your son sounds like an awesome kid you should be hecka you are =) Have a good weekend girly! TTYL

Sarah said...

Welll Aren't you full of exciting news !! You know how much I love the LO's and I cant wait to read the news letter :)

Jess said...

What cute little boys!!! Great pages :).


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