Monday, September 21, 2009

it's a scrappy day...

It's a Speed Scrap again!!!!!! Aren't you excited? I will be hosting another Speed Scrap at noon Eastern on Tuesday, September 22nd. Please join us in the Scrappin' Table forum. If you aren't familiar with a Speed Scrap, don't fret. This is the perfect place for beginning scrappers to ones who have been doing it for a few years. It's the perfect inspirational challenge to get you scrapping a great layout. I will give you 5-6 steps of directions for you to end up with your newest masterpiece. And....a little participation prize will be awarded to all participants.

To give you a better idea - here's the instructions for my Speed Scrap from last week:
step one: grab a patterned paper and a picture of you... Yes, this is all about you this time. Don't worry. It doesn't have to be a stellar portrait. You will be focusing on one physical part of you that you LOVE (your eyes, bottom, feet, smile, hair, etc)

step two: Place the paper as a background. Crop your photo to emphasize your favorite part of you and place this in the center of your page (or very close to the center).

step three: grab 6 solid papers, a couple strings, and 5 patterned papers

step four: crop one solid paper so that it is just a bit larger than your photo & use that as a mat. Then crop all the other papers into rounded edge squares and rectangles .. all 1-3 inches wide (feel free to use the shape tool and use as clipping mask)

step five: place all the squares and rectangles either in a vertical column or horizontal row with your picture. You should have 10 to work with.

step six: now journal on all of the solid paper shapes. Why is your body part so special? (make one long sentence between all of them, write 5 different adjectives on them) Be funny, be serious... whatever suits you.

step seven: now add your strings (border your center column or layer on top of everything.. or surprise us by adding them somewhere else).. shadow and post in the gallery and link back up in here

and a few of the layouts from this chat/challenge:

Tuesday is also $1 day at Gotta Pixel.... I'm really trying to finish up a kit and get it in the store sometime during the day for this. Keep checking HERE to grab the steal of a deal.
... for now... here's a small sneak peek of dolleewopseedoo (dontcha just love that name?) :)


and... I am so anxiously awaiting my blog makeover .......... hopefully it will be done at the end of the week :) .... it's been sooooooo plain for so long, but now that I hired someone to do this, I am like a kid waiting for their big piece of cake with mounds of frosting and ice cream

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