Monday, September 14, 2009

heyyyyyyy Lucy!

It's time to add Template Tools Lucy to your template collection! It's ok for CU/S4H/ and PU.... and it's only $1 Monday and Tuesday


It's a Speed Scrap again!!!!!! Aren't you excited? Sara Ellis will be hosting another Speed Scrap at noon Eastern on Tuesday, September 15th. Please join us in the Scrappin' Table forum. If you aren't familiar with a Speed Scrap, don't fret. This is the perfect place for beginning scrappers to ones who have been doing it for a few years. It's the perfect inspirational challenge to get you scrapping a great layout. Sara will give you 5-6 steps of directions for you to end up with your newest masterpiece. And....a little participation prize will be awarded to all participants.


look at all this fabulous goodness you can get for only $1 each.....

Owl Adore You Brag Book

Owl Adore You perfectly coordinates with our blog train from Labor Day weekend (with a few added colors)... especially cute addition to my contribution, Owl Love You

If you missed it in on the train, it's now in my store for super cheap.

********* AND *************
don't forget.......
Tuesday is also the last day for Gotta Grab It.......
lucyloo - papers and flair for some fabulous whimsical fun .............
for Gotta Pixel's Gotta Grab It's September event ...mix and match over 50 items for your ultimate mega collaboration.... each item is only $1 each all from the same color swatch

1 comment:

Debbie said...

What I need is for one of you scappy people to come to my house and save me! You don't even want to know how many years behind I am.


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