Monday, August 24, 2009

boogie oogie dance challenge

thanks to my friend, Gretchen, I found a great new blog networking site, The Secret in the Sauce (SITS)... look over on my sidebar for their nifty little linkybutton :)

well, each day a different blogger is featured as the Featured Blogger (FB), today's FB is A Shimmy in My Spirit. I really loved one of her recent posts and I wanted to snag it to share with my blogging friends too :) It's the Dancing Challenge below... enjoy!...

What I Know For Sure..
1. When I dance around my kitchen my mood increases by 15%-20%.
2. Dancing improves my mood and an improved mood effects everything I do the entire day.
3. My body feels so much better when I dance.
4. I'm more fun if I've danced.
5. I eat better when I dance.
6. Dancing is cheaper than therapy.
7. I'm more creative when I dance.
8. I lose weight when I dance.
9. I look better when I dance.
10.I laugh more when I dance.
Won't you join me? How many people do you think we can get dancing around their kitchens?

anyway...... back to SITS... if you want..........join up, grab their button for your blog, check in with the FB on her blog and make a comment on her post at SITS, then leave some lovin' for a couple bloggers above you in the comments.


Jessica said...

Great blog......great music.......great scrap pages..... I'm going to follow you! =D

Happy Tuesday from SITS! And WELCOME!

Pammy Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Simply Sarah said...

Hey Sara - dancing is good for you and the kids love it! I have always danced with my boys, even as babies. Now me, the two boys and the two dogs love to put on a good playlist and shake it!!!

I am gonna check out SITS...

Dee said...

I'm already at SITS which is where I found you.

Why don't you stop by?

Jaye said...

I love to dance! I don't know if anybody else appreciates it, but I do it anyway!! :D


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