Thursday, February 26, 2009

a little this and that

ok... are you an American Idol fan like me???? I am really loving this season so far, but I would be even more giddy if Norman Gentle (Nick Gentle) would have made the cut tonight. I just don't get the people that compare him to William Hung or Sanjaya. He is sooooooo much better than them. I can definitely see him in some fun sitcom or on Broadway. He definitely will be seen again.


ok... I have to begin my new March Blender Challenge at Gotta Pixel on Sunday, the 1st... but I will be out of town throughout the weekend, so I wanted to jump right in and start it out a bit early...I think it's a pretty fun one and I hope you do too...

The Blender Challenge is one that will be different each month. It will be a mixture of things, hence the name "Blender". You never know how it will get mixed up each month. You might really have to be incredibly creative by scrapping outside your normal box.

I will be attending my Alpha Phi SW Regional Conference since I serve as our regional Alumnae Membership Coordinator. Soooooo, my March challenge is going to be kind of related to this.

For March:
*The overall theme is sisterhood. Your sisterhood can be your biological sisters, sorority sisters, close-knit childhood friends who are like sisters to you....any sisterly bond you have now or even a sisterhood from years ago.
*You must have at least three different sisterly pictures.
*Journal! Here are some ideas: Do you miss your sisterhood? Were you all roommates and share everything under the sun? Describe your ultimate reunion. What makes these girls sooooo very special to you?
*ok... last, but not least....this is about sisterhood... so you have to have lots and lots of flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!

and........... remember that all regular monthly Gotta Pixel challenges can earn you points towards store gift certificates


Friday is $1 Specials at Scrapdish... each designer has one goodie for $1 each....
I have Sunshine Sugar available as my special bargain..
Sunshine Sugar (S4H ok)

enjoy my goodies????????? well, then join my brand spankin' new Facebook Fan Page
c'mon now.... what are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

sounds like fun I will have to get on this Blender Challenge. Thanks!

Tanyia said...

I love Blender challenges! If I have the time I will try and check it out! Have fun with your sisters at the conference!

Lori Lynn said...

Hi Sara- this is the first Alpha Phi regional conference that I am missing since its inception. I hope you had a great time.

Now, American Idol, please root for Adam Lambert, as he is the son of a friend of mine, AND, she helped with the upgraded interior at our chapter facility at Gamma Alpha, San Diego State. Go Adam!


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