Wednesday, January 21, 2009

so very exciting!

I'm so excited! Griffin won 4 tickets to see High School Musical on Ice this Friday morning. We were surprised by our mail today. Hudson (4yo) and Griffin (3yo) are going to have so much fun. They really love music and dancing.

We have a little local kids newspaper that runs contests and I entered both of them in a couple contests ... this one .. and the NBA All-Star Jam Session. It would be so cool if we win some tickets the the NBA Jam. Ok.. now I'm getting greedy .. LOL

ok... I posted that on Tuesday or Wednesday & forgot to publish it.... oh well.........
I'll continue from there...........

Our house was pretty sick on Thursday..........
Griffin (3yo) threw up between 12:30-2am, Jeff has been continuously since 6am, the nurse called for me to pick up Hudson (4yo) because his teachers were concerned since he started crying & said his belly hurt (very not typical Hudson), but when I got to school he was completely fine... Griffin and I hung out for music and play time, but left a little after 10 because my belly is upset too... any extra movement I feel like I need to get sick, but just can't .... at least Griffin is back to his normal self and Hudson is too................. and then that afternoon I took the boys on a tiny walk to the elem. school around the corner so they could see the construction vehicles.... well, Griffin started doing the potty dance, I asked him if he needed to go, he said no, little bit later asked me to pick him up, and then he peed on me... nice, huh? I'm already not feeling well & then that

yesterday morning we actually went to High School Musical on Ice. It was so much fun! Since it was a Friday morning performance there were lots of empty seats so it was easy for the boys to stand up and dance. Hudson loves to dance around. He's my little break dancer spinning around on the floor - at least he didn't get on the floor there. Now that would've been funny! The beginning of the performance was a dance instruction so everyone could do an opening dance along with the cast. I was surprised with how he really paid attention to it. It was sooo cute! I did take some pics of them and some friends, but I still can't find my camera cord to upload the pics. It's been lost in our house since October so I probably just need to buy a new one. Last time I used it was in our bedroom so I have no idea how it disappeared. I think our friendly house ghost must've walked away with it.

yesterday was also the beginning of Gotta Pixel's Gotta Grab It event for January....
Dontcha just love it when you can make your own collaboration by mixing and matching out of a huge fabulous assortment of coordinating goodies?

You can mix up this fun frivolous funky Hot Spots by Sara Ellis with any other January 2009 Gotta Grab It contribution.

Hot Spots Elements


Template Tools - Dotty:

hurry up.... grab some Gotta Grab It goodies now... they are only $1 each from the 23rd - 25th.......... there's almost 40 items to choose from

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Jess said...

Im so sorry you all were sick, It seems everyone is picking up something here and there. I know my house has been plaged with bugs also. Congrats on the win! Seems like you all had a blast.

amy said...

have fun at high school musical!!

Elaine said...

Oh how awesome is that, that he won tickets to see High School on ice. Love all the hot spots.

barb said...

Cute stuff, Sarah!

Jan (Magpie) said...

Sorry the whole crowd was sick at once, but I guess that can be better than dragging it out one person at a time for several weeks.

Have fun at the show!


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