Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a big doorknob!

I was going out for a rare girls night out last night & I didn't wait for the garage door to be 100% of the way open and I backed into it and knocked the door of it's track on my side..luckily our neighbor came over and helped fix it and there is just a small dent in the garage...BUT... the top fin on the back of my Sequoia is all chipped & cracked... Jeff isn't mad & didn't yell since we got the garage door fixed, but he just keeps saying that it's typical Sara, which really doesn't make me feel any better ......... he did tell me to still go out last night since I rarely rarely ever go out, but I wanted to make cookies instead of going to a club, I'm now regretting it because I don't think I'd still be beating myself up over it

ok... please share your big doorknob moments to make me feel better


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Audrey said...

I'm always dropping stuff, breaking things, running over my desk...though the most recent vehicular doorknob moment belongs to my husband, not me. He's not used to driving my car, so he drove too far up into a parking spot, hit the curb and punctured our radiator. I didn't say anything, though. ;)

Cindy said...

I was on a small tour boat with one of my friend's in St. Petersburg, FL. We were touring the area, known for it's famous houses and tropical setting.

Thunder cracked and lightening illuminated the sky. We had a few minutes left on the tour but I was nervous. We were in open water on a metal pontoon boat!

As soon as we docked, I jumped from the boat to the dock. I had to run up 2 stairs to the main dock, where I could be safe from the storm. (By this time, my friend was left on the boat.)

When I jumped on the second stair, I ran smack into a 2x4 blocking the exit.

My headache worsened as my friend laughed and recounted the story all the way to the hotel.

The next day, I went to the conference for work with a large bruise on my forehead.

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

I am always doing things like this as well.. We have a favorite joke in our family now when we do something not too great...

My name is...... My favorite color is CLEAR!!!

Jess said...

I ran into the garbage can in my husbands brand new truck. i told him it must have been a stray cart at the grocery store. he said.. blue??? uhhh Walmart duhhh!

Anonymous said...

Which one should I share. The one where I thought my car was so small and invisible that I could cut a donut right next to the phone booth (one on a poll in a parking lot) And put a huge unfixable dent in my cute little car. Funniest part was the phone booth looked like it was on a spring and bounced back. Or the other time that I thought I would be cool and chase someone down the bleachers at a highschool game and tripped on the last step and landed on the court face down in front of everyone. Or the time I shut the van door but before it closed all the way I put my hand on the door jam to get into the back and unbuckle my kids. Bad part was I'm stuck in the door and the door handle had broken off a couple days prior. And last but not least I went to back out of my driveway and a friend had parked behind me but had left their car at my house while they went somewhere with someone else. I creamed the entire front end of their car with my van! OOOOOOOPPPPPPs!!!!!


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