Tuesday, December 11, 2007

goofiness and business

last Wednesday I took Hudson and Griffin to go visit Santa at the mall......they were so excited about it .......UNTIL......we walked through Macy's with their Christmas music playing...Hudson wanted to stay in there and dance dance dance..Griffin, of course, had to just because his big brother was...I ended up carrying both of them out of the store while they were screaming their heads off because I was taking them away from their dancing..........well, it didn't take long for them to forget about it & be excited again for Santa........ Griff was a little aprehensive (sp?) for a bit, but after Santa talked with him about his little bus in his hands, he was all good......... I did pay for their standard pic, but I clicked away with my digital most of the time too
........................here's a couple of my faves:

then Friday night, my creative artist to be, Hudson, decided to go to school at 6ish at night....he was wearing some gym shorts, his backpack, a cheapo felt hat, and a little cheapo watch from a Wendy's kids meal from months ago riding his little trike around the house saying "I'm late, I'm latem I'm late".... I think I've said that one too many times........and then we went outside to turn on our Christmas lights and he decided to go across the street to see Santa (a big blow up Santa and snowman in an igloo).........wellllll, I told him that he had to put on a shirt and shoes first...so we went inside and he picked out a fun Hawaiian shirt with woodie cars, a plastic lei, my sunglasses, and his crocs to go with his backpack, watch, hat, and gym shorts and then kept repeating "1 minute to Santa, 1 minute to Santa, 1 minute to Santa".... I laughed sooooo hard...now you can too at this cutie-pie:
and I have to throw in this adorable one of Griffin from right then too since he wanted to say cheese alsosorry I haven't had a chance to crop or edit any of the pics yet


now onto scrapping stuff.....well, design.. I haven't scrapped in over a week.........

(image is clickable)

Need a little creative jump start for designing your papers? Toppings templates collection by Sara Ellis is the perfect place to start.

Take one, combine with another one or two, and a texture, adjust the opacity and/or the blending mode.... have fun creating your own unique masterpiece

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(images are clickable)

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Carjazi - aka Diane said...

putYour boys are just sooo cute! I can see them in Macy's, I'm sure you were thrilled to have them screaming and everyone looking at you all. Love in the papers you've done.
Have a great day!

Amy B. said...

Don't you just love Santa photos? I love even if the kids are crying and not cooperating...it's all just part of it :)

jodie said...

great stuff - love those pics!! i blogged about some of your new papers on the oaks blog today! ;) have a great day!

20Birds said...

those photos are priceless, loved them, made me giggle

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh what a funny story about your son. Sounds like to me he is going to be VERY creative.

JanMary said...

Great pics with Santa, and your boys are so cute.

Side by Side said...

My girls saw that same santa last year.

Very sweet pics you got there!


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