Sunday, September 30, 2007

missin' and a pimpin'


I really don't hang out at DST that much........but, dang, I do miss it.......apparently there are server issues.......hopefully it will come back's already been over 24 hours .......
it's our OAKS Scrapz Sack week and sale week too ....... oh well, at least I've been receiving some fab reviews from some girls on HELLO about my sack so that's super cool of course! :)


wellllll.....I have another collab at OAKS too...... I think I've been averaging one a week lately .....

this includes:
20 textured papers (7 solids/13 patterns)
3 ribbon wraps bows (1 glittered)
2 bows
2 brads
2 frames
4 glitter strokes
7 individual leaves
2 leaf piles
1 paisley element
3 paperclips
2 pipecleaner elements
1 wordart (frolic in a big messy pile of leaves)
1 tree overlay
2 stitched overlay borders
1 alpha (lowercase a-z, 0-9, and 4 symbols)


purchase the Unbe-leaf-able Autumn collaboration kit by Sara Ellis and Jessica David and get the story 4x6 brag book for free until Oct 15th ........or buy the brag book separately

and......don't forget........Royal Chaos mega collab with Danielle Engebretsenand Not So Spooky collab with Faith True...and the coordinating brag book
and.....I have three more collabs in the works about a roll, huh?


well, tomorrow is a big day of firsts for Hudson ......

both Hudson and Griffin have their first dental appointments in the morning's Hudson's first day of's sooo exciting!!!!! I'm still just giddy that he's in this program and that it's FREE (scroll down to read all the news about this fab thing)


ok.......enough for now..... back to designing a few more elements


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Your new collab kit is fabulous!!! Good luck with the boys & the dentist and Hudsons' first day of preschool. That is a wonderful event - looking forward to some layouts of that.

Have a great day!

Laura said...

Your kits are just awesome girly! way to be rockin' them and at one a week, dang!

Hope the boys had fun at their dentist appt. Ryan and Emma love the dentist lol :)I on the other hand HATE IT!


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