Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back in action....

sorry I've been slacking with my blog lately..........just busy with life, kids, designing (even more fun coming soon), and what-not.... I'll try to do better


I have been the featured designer on Hummie's Blog for almost a week now...I was so thrilled when she asked me to be a part of her weekly featured designers a little more than a month ago.... I shared a tutorial for extracting pictures....... please feel free to check it out and share your LOs with extractions with me...please leave your links here :)


Royal Chaos is available in the OAKS store again!!!! yay!!!!! (scroll down for previews) we had a few zip issues right after it was put in there and advertised it........and a few delays getting it fixed since Dani and I had to coordinate our schedules again.........this is one huge mega collab from us (over 30 papers, 2 alphas, and a plethora of elements) of yesterday, all is fabulous again

oh...OAKS is going Scrapz Duo collab crazy this month....look at all of the goodies in the store have to check it out


and........last Friday was Hudson's 3rd birthday.......yay! I haven't even u/l the pics from my camera yet (sorry) ........ we just had a little family birthday party for him on Sunday....his fave presents were from his grandparents, a Thomas the Train suitcase, a Caterpillar dump truck that has the bells and whistles (press various buttons to make it automatically dump it's load, go forward and backwards, and the noises too), and a long wooden semi truck. My fave presents that he received was his little black Crocs and his Ikea Brum chair. I've wanted Crocs for both Hudson and Griffin for a while, but my dh thinks they are too girly (whatever!). I was able to get my MIL to get them. (smiles!) And..the chair...well, that was one of the things I got for him. It is just too fun! It was super cheap too! On their website, it's advertised for $59....well, at the store, it was only $19. It's bendy and comfy. I love it!


oh.... I keep forgetting....... Fantacy tagged me a few days ago...if you aren't familiar with her, she is a super sweet girl and is a fairly new designer at OAKS....her design name is Scrappin' Hillbilly Sweet Pea Designs ......she reminds me of KB & Friends....very cool stuff!

soooo...she asked me to state 7 unique things about me......
here goes......
1) I'm the only me that could possibly be me :)
2) I really love fried chicken livers....but i can rarely ever make them since my dh doesn't like them or the smell.....and very tough to find them at restaurants ...Lee's Chicken in STL has scrumptious ones and so does Jack's Stack in Martin City (KC, MO)..I've never found any here in Phoenix
3) I'm 40 and still active with my sorority, Alpha the SW Regional Alumnae Membership Coord
4) I'm so picky with food that I didn't even try corn until April this year and now I absolutely love it (you can find a LO about it somewhere on my blog and in my galleries...I did it for the ADSR).............and I was 35 when I tried mashed potatoes (yum!)
5) I used to look like Molly Ringwald back in the Molly days in the 80s.......believe it or's soooooo true!
6) I used to play varsity doubles tennis at my first high school (my second one didn't have tennis teams then)
7) I've never broken a bone in my body. it's time for me to tag a few girls........
1) Rachel (angelextreme) .... super sweet & on my CT...she's also starting he luck at designing & has some super cute things so far..including a freebie QP with all goodies by her on her blog
2) Dani (Danielle Engebretsen)... another super favulous designer buddy of both OAKS and DSB
3) Jeannie Papai.... I've just recently gotten to know her...and she is goofy, sweet, and fun....and her super talented designs are at PDP and DSS

I have more fab digi-friends that I'd love to tag...I just don't have the time right now to look up their blogs sinc e my dh will be home soon three.........give me 7 unique things about yourselves........share shar share away :)


ok...this was extremely long again..........
I really need to blog more than once a week again


Lisa said...

Wow, you've got a lot going on! Sounds fun though!

Krystal Hartley said...

Thanks for the tutorial and great deal on that chair!!


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