Monday, August 21, 2006

Some LOs made with "Co-Co's Colorwheel" ...oh so cool!

I made my Co-Co kit because Amy from my BBC Scrapbooking forum really was on the lookout for primary colors with circles,squares, & triangles. Since she couldn't locate anything, I decided to come to her rescue.

Wellllllllll....she just showed me on the LOs she made with them....all for her sister's baby shower................soooooooo,I just had to share with you since it's the first I've seen with an of my kits ...... go here

Besides that fun news.... I just downloaded a bunch of great fonts onto my new laptop that I can use I just need to clean out all of the fonts on my home computer to get rid of the ones I can't use commercially (a yucky task that I'm not looking forward to) ........ oh, just in case you are looking for great fonts, the sites that I grabbed from tonight are Larabie and DivideByZero ....go have fun with them too!

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