Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hi there...

Well, I'm not sure where to begin. This is my very first blogging adventure. Since I know that many other digiscrap fanatics have blogs and since I'm trying to dive into the crazy world of designing, I thought it was time to start up my own little world. I'm sure I'll just ramble from time to time, like I do when I normally talk. You should just be happy I'm typing in sentences instead of lots of fragments and dots (.....) blurring together randomly. That's what I normally do in digiscrap forum posts and e-mails.

A little about me.... (whoops, there I go with my dots)...I am a mom to three entertaining boys. Cooper (16 yr) lives with his dad full-time in STL and visits very often. My youngest two are Hudson and Griffin (almost 2 and 1 respectively) and their dad, my dh, are in the dry heat of PHX. I am primarily a stay-at-mom. I do work part-time at a kid's resale shop and it's soooo much fun (and very very busy). I'm also the Alumnae Membership Coordinator for Alpha Phi's Southwest Region, along with being an Indep. Rep. for Silpada Designs (FABULOUS sterling jewelry). I would post a link to my website, but that is very taboo to post it on any website per Silpada guidelines. If you would like to access my website to view the catalog &/or to learn more about Silpada, just post a comment to me. I'll then send you a direct link that way. Yes, I am rather busy.

I love being creative and once I learned about digiscrapping a few months ago, I was hooked. Being online & having a marvelous creative like this was so so perfect for me. I haven't actually scrapped anything in about a month because I've been learning how to make my own kits. So fun! I have one kit already up at Scrapbook-Bytes in the new member free download area, but I'm not sharing the link quite yet. I am tweaking the kit a bit and making the preview so much easier to view. I have submitted three other kits to them this week and I'm just waiting for them to be accepted. In the meantime, you can enjoy my Manic Martian kit here as a freebie. That's right, my very first freebie post. It's my 4th kit and my favorite one too. I'm going to add an Alpha later as an add-on.

Please enjoy! Suggestions & comments will be greatly appreciated!


Paula May said...

What a very cute kit! Congradulations on getting your very own scrapbooking blog! They are a lot of fun to have!

The luckiest mommy of all! said...

Congrats on your blog!!!! I have had one for about 2 weeks:)

I love your set --- SO SO CUTE!!!!

Suzi said...

Thank you so much for sharing this really cute kit!!!

Beth said...

What an adorable kit! With 3 boys, that will be perfect for some LO's for me! Thank you!

a4tgr4 said...

Cograts on your blog! Thnx for the kit, it will make a cute LO

dlkcma said...

i have missed the manic martians freebie and its soooo cute please offer again


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