Tuesday, October 07, 2008

sorry for being a ghost lately

gosh... I haven't been too active with my poor blog lately.

I'm sorry to all of you.. ( a little forgiveness gift below)

I have no idea what kept me away last week, but this week we've been super busy since it's Fall Break from school. We've gone to the park, the zoo, the pool, and misc errands... plus, I've been working every single night.

Besides all the running around with that stuff, I finally had my appearance in court for the dog attack I witnessed last April. It was one scary dog attack too. I was the only person who witnessed the very beginning how it happened.

the following is from my April 18th blogging:
yesterday morning I was a witness to a dog attack close to my house at a greenbelt
well, it really opened up my eyes about having my guard up when we see dogs when we are out for a walk
I was over at the big patch of grass that dips down... Hudson wanted to play "chase me" & I'm so glad we didn't get started with that...........
there was a woman with 3 larger dogs resting on the smaller patch of grass on the opposite side of the sidewalk right there...... and another woman walking her two Yorkies through the big greenbelt and as soon as they got in the sight of the big dogs, one and then the other two took off for an attack..... (they were on a leash, but not a firm grasp & the owner was looking the other direction talking on the phone)................the attack dogs owner came to try and get her dogs and I ran over and pulled two of the big dogs off.... luckily a woman on the other side of the street came over to take care of my boys while they were screaming
when all was over... a nice woman driver took the little Yorkies to the vet... Nick is ok, but Nora had an intestinal issue with surgery and an infection last night, hopefully she recovers ok............. the owner had a chunk taken out of her arm.........I talked with her this morning, she had her first skin graft last night and will have to have another couple later
I stayed around for quite a while, the last witness...but I have no idea what happened with the attacking dogs... Animal Control was with with them when I left to take Hudson to school (the one that bit her was a Pit mix)
sooooooooooooooooooo.... now I am really going to have my guard up whenever I see dogs when we are out for a walk........please be aware of your surroundings... it only takes a brief moment with no warning for something like this to happen

anyway, the owner of the pit mix was given 7 citations, her dog was put to sleep in May... and she has been fighting 2 of the 7 citations since then.... Tuesday was finally the day in front of the judge... one of the citations she was fighting was about her not having control of her dogs... HELLO... she so didn't... it wouldn't have happened if she had control of them..........
I was released after my testimony so I don't know what the outcome was. I really need to call the prosecuter's office to check on it


I have one fabulous kit I released at Gotta Pixel recently which I haven't shown you yet...

introducing Penelope! a mini version of this was available at The Funky Playground during August's Teacher's Pet.......
but I've added a bunch and tweaked a few others.. and now it's for sale


Penelope by Sara Ellis ....

A fun, fanciful, whimsical, girly, artsy page kit to delight you.

8 patterned nicely textured papers
6 solid and semi-solid nicely textured papers
1 acrylic round frame
1 painted square frame
1 scalloped border with shadow
1 doodled border
1 outragously adorable embellished bird
4 flair buttons
2 stamped flowers (one with & without stem)
1 ribbon tab flower
1 large stamped heart
5 journaling notebook strips
2 funky cut mats
1 ribbon tab bunch
3 ric racs
3 colored staples (pink, green, and silver)
1 long stiched line
1 short stitched line
1 stitched word (sweet)
1 hanging tag (with and without paper insert)
1 tulip


now ... for all of you neglected blogging friends....

please enjoy my Go-Go-Groovin' #1 paper pack set that I just recently retired from Gotta Pixel
download HERE ... and please leave some lovin' if you grab it ..


Barb said...

Cute kit, Sarah!

Cate Sforza aka absolutartist1 said...

Oy! That can be very scary. My niece and I were almost attacked by a VERY large rottweiler while walking down a road when Micaila was only a couple months old. I had Micaila in a sling on the front of me, and was most scared about what would happen to her.

Hope the owner got served with most if not all of those citations as it isn't the dogs fault they aren't controlled.

Penelope is very cute, and the freebie is great! Thanks so much! :)

K2 Designs said...

How scary a situation to be with those dogs Sara...yikes! Our daughter lost her pit a few weeks ago when her next door neighbor shot her! SUPPOSEDLY Repo was chasing his horse- hello! She was chained to a tire! and in a fenced yard. Was pretty ugly scene. Sad part was daughter was sleeping and didn't know what happened until her BF came in to tell her..IF the dog had been chasing the horse why not come get the owners! Then her BF goofed and took care of the dog before he woke Heather up. I SO would have called the sheriff first! People have no requards for anyone else's animals when these things happen, sadly...I don't like pits personally but every animal is different and you just have to be on your toes at all times with them when out and about. I hope the woman got the book thrown at her! It could have been a child they attacked.


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