Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!!

It's my baby Griffin's 3rd birthday today.

In celebration of his birthday, we are starting out the day at Ikea for breakfast, then braving the mall to get him a new pair of Crocs.

You get some fab goodies too :) Hooray!

This morning I learned out about a fabulous deal from Stretching a Buck blog. Well, originally Fantacy pointed me towards it. Kudos to her for this fab hook-up!
I always love finding a great bargain! Anyone that personally knows me, knows I love fabulous quality bargains. So, Stretching the Buck is a super fab and as it's name suggests, it's ideal for finding ways to save money AND it's having a giveaway - a $25 Kroger g.c. this week!!! How cool is that?! Just click HERE for more details and your chance (or 3) to win ;)

The fab Stretching a Buck blog also taught me how to sign up for e-coupons. Oh my! These are the coolest things. No more clipping coupons. Well, with me, I might clip, but then I always forget to take them to the store. They are automatically linked to my Fry's card (part of Krogers) and can be combined with Kroger's Short-cuts e-coupons, along with their special weekly offers too. The sidebar also has hook-ups to her favorite frugal blogs and coupon sites.

AND......... one more goodie..........
I blogged over the weekend with a large freebie paper pack... be sure to grab it


Kathy said...

I will have to check out the links. I am always up for saving a buck or two or many.
Sounds like you have a really fun birthday day planned. Enjoy!

Lena said...

Awww, Happy Belated birthday to your little man! Thanks for the link to the blog too!

Kristin said...

Happy B-Day to your little guy! Thanks for the buck saving link.

Monique said...

Happy birthday to the little one! 3 is a very cute age! And thanks for the tips and links! Have a great day!

Barb said...

Happy birthday to your little guy and thanks a bunch for those links. I need all the money saving tips I can get these days (can't we all!).

OneScrappyMom said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Griffin! Sounds like he's got a special day planned for him.

I need to check out those e-coupons. I've been forgetting mine lately, and now with the move, I can't find my coupon organizer.

Diginan said...

Thank you so much for this gorgeous gift :)


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