Tuesday, February 05, 2008

more funny antics....and then exciting news

yesterday morning Hudson went to the bathroom to go poopie and he was in there just a little too long...when I knocked on the door he came out with a bit smile and TONS of liquid soap all over his shirt and legs AND a ton all over the counter..an old soap dispenser was on the floor with the lid off...and a spray bottle of lysol was also on the counter.....I should add that he learned how to open the cabinets with the child safety locks a couple days ago (TROUBLE brewing)

Mr Independent 3yo that he is, decided to clean himself apparently......all just 30 minutes before we had to leave for preschool........

I, of course, took a few pics....but I haven't u/l them yet

well, he hopped in the shower and rinsed himself off...got dressed and we went to school........my dh came home for lunch in the middle of all this....
while we were doing the preschool run, he cleaned the counter to the bathroom

wellllll... I originally thought that maybe I left some soap in the old soap dispenser....... HA! ..... when I got home I noticed the huge jug of refill soap empty and upside down in the trash can.... I just bought it last week and it was almost completely full

nice, huh??


I'm so psyched that I know half of the girls - a couple are former OAKS girls (Beth and Carla), one is a former CTM (Amy), and Randi and I became buddies after both of us resigned from another site a few months ago.

I already have a collab in the works with one of these gals. Sorry, no hint yet. LOL.... We're hoping to have it in the store by Friday. I am soooo loving it already!


Sooooo.. if you want to stay clued in about my next collab or anything else to do with me and Gotta Pixel....please sign up for my GP newsletter over on the sidebar........ I will be sending out 1-2 newsletters a week........you never know if I'll be featuring your LO or not, or giving you a coupon, or sharing my newest products.


last, but not least.....don't forget about my very first commercial use grab bag......*NO Credit Required*.......my Survival Bag will be released on Friday so grab it while you can...
hint - two brush sets inside and one are some super fun flourishes.... plus three more surprises


Jane/Wags said...

Oh my can I relate. We have magnetic locks on our cabinets, but my 3 1/2 year old knows where all the magnetic "keys" are and I have a feeling she has one stashed away somewhere. She can and will get into everything!

Tammy said...

Wonderful story about your son. I recall my son doing that a time or two. Don't they all. I love the bright yellow blog you have.

Anonymous said...

My 14 month old is the one who won't stay out of the cabinets! We have to be VERY careful to leave the gates closed to the kitchen or she'll be in there emptying cabinets before we know it.
I bought your survival box! My faves are the very interesting,um can I say it? Let's just say that there are two of them in there that are unlike anything I have in my stash, and I can't wait to see what they do!

Anonymous said...

That is so my daughter! She's naughty. LOL She emptied all of that hand soap that foams up. Emptied the whole brand spanking new bottle in the sink and then filled it up with water. GRRRR! LOL

Can't wait to see the collab!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I love the overlays! There are some cool textured ones, and some smeary ones that I can't wait to use! LOL!
We're at Fort Riley, but only because Unca Sam says we have to be. My son's been accepted at KU, however, so we may end up with ties here after all! He goes to Manhattan HS, so perhaps he should have gone purple like your pops, but he's more of a Lawrence kind of guy. If you know what I mean. LOL

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Your soap story is just too darn funny. I can just picture him with an angelic look on his face when you found him like that.
Looks like GP is adding some great designers. Will be over to check out the challenges soon.
Have a great night!


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