Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things I love...

things that make me laugh or smile........

in no particular's a FEW fabulous wonders....

1) working at The Gap..... I LOVE my bargains and discounts.....this past week we were given our new "coupon" discounts for the season....... oh wow! these are so fabulous!..they give us a few key items out of each category for super incredible low discounts - like we could choose 1 of 4 sweaters for only $10 and 1 of 3 different knit long-sleeves for $5, a pair of 5-pocket jeans for only $20, and more.........we have until the middle of December to get our extra special goodies............ and then, besides that, we still get our super fab regular discounts on anything else we want

here's my steal of a deal sweater that I picked up......

and... today.. I picked up a super fabulous Green patent leather handbag that is just oh so cute! some crazy person returned it (why? I have no clue)... it ended up getting marked down to $4.97... so with my 30% off, I snagged it for almost $3.50 (incl. tax)...
yippee for me!


2) some funny toilets.....these were e-mailed to me a few days ago from a friend...AND... these aren't even all of the ones I received



3) Game Zone forum at OAKS.........
oh my...tons of games... I have to pop in and out all the time... sometimes I just hit one of them, sometimes I hit a few more........but that forum is so dang addicting!

here's just a small sampling of the games:
Eat it or delete it!
I never with a TWIST!

have fun playing!!!!! and try not to get too hooked


4) my newest collab, Crazy Spunky Love, with Rachel Donald (a/k/a Rachel's Designs) ... Rachel is a former CTM of mine that turned into a funky designer..she is super talented and is selling at Designing Moments and Gotta Pixel

what do you love? glitter, paint, felt, shabby, grunge, cardboard, wrapped frames, flowers, hearts, 12x12 page template....... super spunky funtabulous attitude

I almost forgot....... this is on sale for 30% off til Monday

available at One of a Kind Scrapz (OAKS), Digiscrap Boutique
and Designing Moments


5) FINALLY..... a freebie sampler from's been way too long since I've had one available

you may think this looks a bit familiar.....if so, that's because it's my contribution for a Scraps for Charity kit ... I've just revamped all the papers and added a few more too

be sure to grab it HERE


doloro said...

Oh I Love GAP - I am just annoyed they haven't opened here in Australia yet! Their clothes fit so nicely - you are very lucky to work there - awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara ~
ShellMiste here! Love your blog - loaded with fun stuff. Thanks for the freebie. I'll have to come back in December to get it- hopefully it'll still be available? My download capacity has been reached! hehe, it was that Digital Scrapbooking day!
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your photos of .. 'toilets' are not up there - can't see them!
But great blog regardless!

Sherry {My Collective Life} said...

Thanks for all the fun and happiness! You should come play Make Me Merry Monday today over at my blog!

Anonymous said...

That sweater is beautiful!!! the freebie and your new kit... Have an awesome day!

Barb said...

Cute stuff, thanks!

Jaque said...

I’m here to invite u for the First Challenge at Scrapable!
All you have to do is participate in the challenge and you can win a kit for FREE.
Read the challenge’s rules at
Kisses, Jaque

Azrood said...

Wow, those are some great bargains!!! I'm loving the new collaboration! It's so fabulous and there are so many goodies!!!


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