Tuesday, November 06, 2007


my Elmo and Cookie Monster
do you think they received enough candy on Halloween???? hmmmm...maybe...after they went to sleep I split it up into "good" and "bad" piles - which basically means the candy for me to keep and devour and the leftovers for them.....good thing most of it is for me :)... I have a Tootsie Roll and Strawberry Laffy Taffy sitting right here waiting for me to gobble up


well, DSB weekend was pretty busy everywhere.....lots of great sales, challenges, and games....

I only bought one goodie, Newspaper Borders from Kim DeSmet.... I really love it ...
now I just need to get my rear in gear to start scrapping again...... and since this is the beginning of November, I really need to do that so I can have albums ready for the grandparents for Christmas


my grab bag is totally revealed right now.... with all full sized previews for only $2..... less than 24 hours

look at all this that you can get for $2 - .........you better hurry before it's all split up in my store for regular prices

.. oh yea...every single one of these previews is included



I doubled the size of my CT.... I just couldn't help it......... these girls are fabulous!!!!!

*bg paper from Sweet Water Taffy

***if you applied for my CT and did not receive any reply from me, I greatly apologize.... please, please, let me know if I happened to miss you


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

I love it that you picked out the "bad" ie your fave candy from their stash. My dad always did the same. I love what you bought, those are really cool! Congrats on your new CT. Go Mizzou.

Tammy said...

Hey, I love how you "pick" out the bad stuff for yourself. And don't we all!! hehehe

I love the newspaper border and will have to check that one out. Your grab bag looks fabs.

Jane said...

Cute Cookie Monster & Elmo! Bet your kids would love Beaches resort in Jamacia - they feature sesame street characters. Great fun for parents and the kids are well entertained too!

Donna B. Miller said...

Love the pix; gotta have those borders; and congrats on your new CT. Wow, you packed a lot of info into one blog post. :-)

Jenny said...

My little guy wore the very same Elmo costume 2 years ago, I love it! I've been eating waaaaay too much Halloween candy, I think I've been on a constant sugar high since about mid-October!

Yen said...

OMG..those are a lot of candies! :D Congrats on your new CT:)


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