Sunday, October 28, 2007

well, i worked at the Gap again was my 3rd day so far...........
I love it.... it's so great to get out of the house and do that..... I actually love straightening the clothes three and don't care for it much at home

I've mainly worked on the women's side... I kind of wish it was in toddlers...but that's probably a good thing too.......I keep picking out things I want to get.... I swear some of their bargains are sooo super incredible it's hard not too.....I mean there are a bunch of super cute bras right now for only $6.99 and some super cute flats for only $12.99 ...and then I have my discount of 30% off............ so far I haven't spent a dime, but it's so hard

I was originally scheduled to work on Halloween night.....I asked to switch with someone so I could take Hudson (Cookie Monster) and Griffin (Elmo) trick or treating..................luckily they realized that there were too many people scheduled and now I get to have fun.............. I really want to find my pink beehive wig to go out with them... I haven't worn it in a few years...I think they would love it


I'm watching America's Most Smartest Model right now on VH1.... if you haven't seen it have to.... it is sooooooo very hysterical!

****'s that time again..............jump and and down...get all giddy and excited....

this is for a 3 month Guest gig (November, December, and January)

*scrap 4 LOs/month
*post in 3 galleries (including OAKS and DST)
*be active in CT forum
*love my goodies
*promote me
*have silly fun

how to apply:
*link me with your best gallery
*e-mail me at saranohw(at), subject line "silly ct call"

deadline: November 2nd (yes, this is a quick little call...hurry hurry)

*ad made with Sweet Water Taffy collab kit by Sara Ellis and Jeannie designed by Lizzyworks


please scroll down so you can take a gander at my Scrapz's available at OAKS now :)

and.... more OAKS news will be coming very soon


Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Hope you have fun! I used to dress up with my kids when I took them out :) Not sure who had more fun, me or them!! LOL

Enjoy your night with them! They grow up way too fast!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

COngrats on Mizzou breaking into the top ten. The Gap sounds like a cool gig, but I'd end up spending my whole paycheck there. Good luck with your CT call.

Enjoy your day!

Heather said...

Yay! I'm so glad you like your new job! AND that you get to go out for Halloween! Very cool! I want to see a pic of you in the beehive!

Good luck on your CT call! I'm loving that font in the ad!

Andrea said...

Oh wow, if I wasn't designing, I'd totally apply for your CT! I love your stuff! I'll be sure to (watch this space) for what the new gals come up with.
If I worked at the Gap I would spend all my money in the mall that I didn't spend in the Gap. But hey, I'd learn to fold! LOL Sounds cool, and you are showing remarkable restraint.

Purple Frog said...

Best of luck with your call!
The Gap wouldn't me my cup of tea .. I'd go totally broke if it were The Children's Place :P We live right by an outlet mall and the prices there are simply unbelievable!

Victoria said...

Glad you enjoy working! I'm dreading it. Good luck with your call :)


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