Monday, March 26, 2007

ouchie ouch

Yesterday I went to the Air Show at Luke AFB with Cooper (my 16 yo son) and my FIL. It was a very cool show and we all had a great time together ......... BUT....... I was stupid and didn't wear any sunscreen. HELLO! 6+ hours in 80+ degree temp in Phoenix on a cement airstrip = SUNBURN! I need to have someone take a pic of my face. I look like I was snow skiing with big goggles. Oversized shades do the same thing to a face. I need to even out my lines badly. I have beautiful lines from my shades, bermuda shorts and tank top. We went to the pool this afternoon and I looked hysterical in my bikini (white belly & white bug eyes). Here are a couple snapshots of Coop taking a tiny 5 minute snooze waiting for the Thunderbirds to begin their show and one of my burnt legs (with a couple hours still to go....and what a bad just makes my hips look HUGE).


welllll....tomorrow is Hudson's 2nd day of Little People Child Enrichment's kind of like a preschool to preschool..... it's only 1 hour a week's sooooo super cute... there are only about ten 2.5 - 3 year olds in this class and they squeeze in play time, school time for months, numbers, & letters, story time, music time, and a little bit of coloring all into this class.... you have to keep moving fast to entertain little kids this age

doesn't he look adorable for his 1st day last week?


yes... I do need to scrap these, don't I????? they are definitely on my to do list


ok...if you don't already know....I started selling some commercial goodies about a week and a half ago...........
and my latest addition to my OAKS store are my Practical Papers, paper templates (better than overlays)
Every Practical Paper Template has at least 4 layers (including the background) in .PSD format. This will allow you to use several colors for one piece of paper. You can have varied opacities for each of the layers too, as well as adding a splash of a pattern to one layer with CNTRL G. You can have at least 2 colors for every piece of unique paper you create. How fun and colorful!

find them HERE

The PNG versions will be coming soon.


oh.... I realized I've never shared one of my newest favorite sites with you... it's MissTina's super fun one.... you just have to check it out'll be a huge fan of hers too


Dale Ann (DC Designs) and I are going to team up for a fab collab kit.... and it will be available at both HODS and OAKS ..........but first we need some help from you....we want to hear from you....what theme would you like to see? if we happen to choose your idea, you will win the finished please leave your e-mail address in your response :)

********* here's a special goodie for you........
go shopping in my OAKS store and get 25% off your purchase ........
just use coupon code "ouchsunburn" ....
but you need to hurry..this is only valid March 27th and 28th


don't forget to grab this
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you never know what good luck might shine your way if I catch you sporting this around


Saab said...

OMG you are driving me crazy!!!! When you posted this at Let's Scrap I popped over because I usually look at a kit and something springs to mind. I looked at it and could get a TV show out of my mind, so I gave up. Tonight you post again, and I tried but nothing...... When I was a kid growing up we had a TV show in Australia call Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men, I can't get it out of my head LOL. So tonight I thought I would google it.. OMG how old does that look?????? I swear I'm not that old, well I didn't think so LOL. I'm depressed now, need a glass of wine. Sorry I love your kit, but I can't get these stupid characters out of my head *ROTFL*I'm sure you will find a stunning name, sorry I couldn't to drown my sorrows (about age), Hugs Sonia

Miriam Lima said...

You look a little burned but at least you have warm weather - not like us in the east, although today is going to be 70. Big change from the -30 temps!!!! Love the blog!

---sharia--- said...

Girl, you've got a lot of stuff going on. Definitely going to have to check out the commercial use.

mphoinix said...

ooohoo luv sales

Elizabeth said...

ouch--that sounds painful, and funny, too! those layered page templates sound so interesting--i am going to go and check them out! :)

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

he looks very cute and can´t wait to see what you´re gonna scrap with it!!

Sunburned at this time of year..who would think of that!! Wish we had that weather over here..:-) But it´s getting closrer to spring everyday!

Love the templates and thanks for the to check out your stuff!!

Have a great day!!

Kim said...

Oh man, that picture just made my skin crawl. Those paper templates are just great, btw! Love 'em!

dale ann cubbage said...

OOOOH! I hate sunburns! And your guys are too too cute!!

I'm hoping we get some great ideas for our collab kit! Your readers need to get cracking!!



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