Monday, March 12, 2007

my 1st contest!!!!!!!

ok..put your funky thinking caps on....for some reason I just can't think of a catchy fun name for my new floral containers

this set contains various flower pots, flower boxes, 12 different designs from pretty plain to bright & fun .........and have paint that is cracking off of them .......

ideas for usage: house one long stem flower, hold up a picture with a photo prong, cluster a bunch of flowers together for a cute bouquet.....or... how about even using one as a storage container for some cars, crayons, ribbons......oh my, there are so many fun things you can do with these

soooooooooo.......give me a fab name so I can get these in a store for everyone......PLEASE......think FAST! (ETA: You are only naming the first one...the second is just a fun example) ... my deadline for ideas is Tuesday (tomorrow) at midnight PST .... I'm leaving for Vegas on Wednesday & I want to get them finished before my March Madness fun :) ...................and please leave me your e-mail address with your guess so I can contact you later ...the winner will receive this kit as a freebie (Woo-hoo!)

in case you haven't figured it out .. the first pic is the preview with all 12 floral containers and the photo prong .... and the second pic are some examples of them at work
(all shadows are just for the previews)

I can't wait to see your suggestions ...this will be fun :)
and...... a HUGE thank you to all of my customers during my sale at OAKS over the weekend!!! my Silly Templates Collection is definitely a crowd favorite ... I might have to consider making a
bunching some of them together to sell as a mega template set ...... I am also probably going to offer these up as my first commercial products :)...but probably not until after my Vegas excursion
grab this------> Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
...scroll down to read more about it :)


dale ann cubbage said...

Hey girl, your blog is looking great! Except you don't have me on your blog list!!!

How about Funtainers for the name of those cute pots!! Love 'em!


--bianca said...

I have a silly suggestion, based on something we always used to call my little sister--

Giggle Pots!

And they do make me smile. Great idea!

My email is snowleopard55 (at)

PSharp said...

For the first one: "Hotsy Potsies" For the second on: "Grown with Love"

Bek said...

K I have some for ya!
Pots of Love
Love Pots
Treasure Pots
Pots of Treasure
Memory Pots
Potted Memories

HTH! :) HUGS!!

Teacher Spice said...

Oooh, I love Giggle Pots!

I came up with Bloomin' Bowls. I'm keeping my thinking cap on though! :D

kille said...

these looks just like what my daughter calls : Hunny Bunny Pots..
and they looks like a lot of fun to ad to many LO's :)


Sheri (smbirth) said...

How about "Contain yourself" ?!?!

Cute little pots/containers

emily said...

how about picture pots?!?! adorable :).

SuzScrappy said...

How's about Got Pots

Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

How about

Picture Perfect Pottery:)

Great job they are great :)

Bek (opeysmama) said...

I have another, to go with your "Sassy" self :)HEHE!! Sassy Pots!! Girl! You know that fits!!!


jenn7 said...

Not sure why, but the name "Potsbies" is in my head or "Potsbys"

Ebie said...

Painted Pots
Pretty Pots
Creative Containers
Custom Containers
Very Pretty!

Rainee said...

How about:

Lots O'Pots
Pots 'n Posies
Pretty Pots of Love
Get Potted

ccjanet said...

Funky Paper Pots
Pottery Menagerie
Crackled Potluck

Anonymous said...

How about

Funky Bots (as in bottles)
Funky Pots
Bot Pots
lots of bot pots

Ok, I'm starting to get silly, so I'll stop.

Kelley said...

How about...

"Contain Me" or "Can't Contain Myself"?


Elaine said...

Love the little pots -- how about

Pot Stickers -- you know so you can stick your pix in the pots.

Pix Pots
Photo Pots
Potted Photos
Potted Shoots
Shoot'n'Root Pots

Okay, I think it's getting late and my brain is worn out.... anyways; they're great little
nick nacks...

Anonymous said...

comfy pots

paisley pots

either way they are adorable!


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