Monday, March 16, 2009

gypsyville and $1 love

ok.... I really really love the Junk Gypsy
and sometimes I wish I was in TX so I could have fun with those gypsy gals.....
the Junk-o-Rama Prom is coming up on April 4th.
the gypsyville girls have some super fun instructions for those traveling to Warrenton, TX for this which I think are dandy for any little road trip...


1) turn your cell phone OFF for at least
half your drive.

2) roll your windows down and turn your radio up
REALLY loud for at least 30 minutes.
FeeL your worries blowing out that window
and sing out loud!

3) stop along the way and take a picture
BaREFOOT in the BLueBOnnetS

4) seek out a small-town gas station.
Buy a glass bottle CoCA-CoLA.
BuY salty peanuts.
Put salty peanuts in bottle. DriNK.

5) WhiLE in WarrenToN buy something that really makes you smile, for NO OTHER reason other than
the fact that it really makes you smile.
FOR under $5.


it's Gotta Pixel's $1 Tuesday!!!!!!! (and Wednesday morning for me)

do you know what that means? three awesome goodies from me, including this brand new brag book....

eight 5x7 brag book pages to coordinate with Sunshine Garden, plus one fun bonus overlay

the Sunshine Garden page kit

and .. Seaside Sugar alpha also for $1

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