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Eversave Survey Reveals Secret Facebook Opinions and Habits of Women

Survey by daily deals leader Eversave goes beyond online couponing, revealing love/hate
relationship with Facebook connections

WAKEFIELD, MA – March 30, 2011 – More than 400 women revealed their secret
Facebook habits and opinions in a survey that showed there’s a fine line between friend
and “frenemy.”

The survey was conducted by Eversave, a company offering daily deals called “Saves,”
to better understand the impact of social networking on deals but results also uncovered
the surprising love/hate relationship women have with the ubiquitous social networking

Eversave did confirm that one more reason women like Facebook is alerts on daily deals,
one of the fastest-growing online activities today. Eighty-seven percent of the women
said they find out about deals by “liking” daily deal companies on Facebook and 45
percent learn about savings through their friends’ posts.

However, the data also uncovered some interesting things about Facebook friendships.
The survey reveals that while women use Facebook to keep their friends informed about
what they are up to (79 percent) and share interesting and/or funny links and videos (64
percent), they have little tolerance for friends who use the site to brag or overshare.
In fact, 85 percent of those surveyed claim they have been annoyed by their online
friends, and that these bothersome behaviors topped the list:
• Complaining all the time (63 percent)
• Sharing unsolicited political views (42 percent)
• Bragging about seemingly perfect lives (32 percent)

Despite the occasional annoyances, women appreciate Facebook for allowing them to see
friends’ photos and videos (91 percent) and helping them search for long lost friends (76

But women may want to think twice before accepting a friend request -- survey
respondents opened up about their true feelings when asked if they were friends with any
of these online personalities:
• The documentarian, they update their status with their every move (65 percent)
• The drama queen, everything’s a crisis with this friend (61 percent)
• The proud mama, they think Junior’s every move is newsworthy (57 percent)
• The incessant liker, they “like” every post (46 percent)
• The slactivist, don’t they know Facebook can’t cure cancer? (40 percent)
• The poser, they project an image of life so perfect, and it’s not true (40 percent)

“The ironic issue is that many women may not even know they are being classified or
thought of that way by their Facebook friends,” said Charlene DeLoach Oliver, JD,
CISR, an attorney-turned-Blogger at “Most people regard
social media, like Facebook, as a place to gripe or boast because they often can’t do it in
real life. In the alternative, they also use it as a tool to connect with people, stay abreast
of breaking news, and find great deals, contests, and giveaways.”

“I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook,” commented one respondent, Jennifer
Brocato of Raynham, Mass. “On one hand, it keeps me in contact with friends and
family I rarely see and get to talk to. On the other hand, it can be a huge time waster! All
in all, I am glad Facebook exists.”

“The survey validated our thinking on Facebook’s growing influence on daily deals, but
we were surprised by responses that show the love/hate relationship women have with
Facebook,” said Jere Doyle, CEO of Prospectiv, which owns Eversave.

About Eversave
Eversave offers local daily deals called “Saves” which offer great deals on fun things to
do in and around cities including restaurants, spas, activities and more. Eversave
launched local deals in Boston in Q2 2010 and is now one of the top three most popular
daily deal sites in the U.S.
Eversave’s local deals are currently available in Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Baltimore,
MD; Boston, MA; New York, NY; Columbus, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Orlando, FL;
Philadelphia, PA; Providence, RI; San Antonio, TX; Seattle, WA; Tampa, FL, and
Washington D.C. Consumers anywhere in the U.S. can also enjoy Eversave’s national
daily deals from online merchants.
Eversave is owned by Prospectiv, the second-biggest couponing website in America.

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