Thursday, October 14, 2010

bargain bunny strikes again....

I saw this fab deal on one of my friend's Facebook status updates today so I signed up, posted the links to this on Facebook and Twitter earlier... and then after work I saw that someone used me as a referral and purchased these super cheap movie tickets so I ended up with a $10 credit... and I used $8 of that to purchase my 2 movie tickets for FREE.... I love it! I just had to share with you!
and.... I have my account hooked up to my elementary school so they receive 5% of whatever I spend

below is the standard referral info from Mamapedia Sweet Deal.. hopefully you click on the link to log in and grab this fab movie deal..........
I'm not sure if this AMC movie deal is available in all cities, like it is in Phoenix .... apparently only 18 cities are hooked up with Mamapedia Sweet Deals right now.................... BUT... still log in and see what your special super fantastic deal is.. and please use me as a referral, pretty please by clicking on the link below

You may have already seen this site before, but I just purchased 2 vouchers for One Admission to Any Movie at AMC Movie Theatres That Will Be Mailed To You Within 2 Weeks. It is a great deal and 5% of the price goes to your school:

$4 for an AMC Gold Experience Ticket. Good for One Admission (up to $11 Value)

this is like Groupon..but BETTER....
you can earn free money by referring friends & earn money for your favorite school... so far I have earned a total of $30 in credit in maybe the last 24 hours .. I used $8 for a couple of free movie tickets & still have $22 in credit....
thanks to Rene R and all other unknown friends who have used me as a referral! love ya!

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