Thursday, February 08, 2007

hmmmmm....where to begin....????

I guess I'll start with our Baby Boo..........
Thank you sooooooo much to everyone for all of your kind words this week and the last few weeks since I started talking about her. It has definitely been awkward around here the last few days. The kitchen is the strangest place in the house. We removed the dog dishes and the doggie door from our sliding glass door is gone too. We're also sooo used to her eating the scraps tossed off of the highchair and our leftovers from dinner. Even though she was in pain, she still loved our people food. Jeff even started cutting tiny pieces of his meat tonight, just for Boo. It's a hard habit to break.

our weather.....
the last couple of days have been soooo absolutely beautiful here....around 80 degrees ....anyone ready to get out of their cold icy weather and escape to Phoenix?????? Oh, I'm so happy I don't live in KC or STL any longer.

Fantasy Survivor....
I hopped on this little game at DST today........I actually picked Yul as the winner last season during the very first weird is that???? I doubt that will happen again this time...but it could....I actually picked Boo...I had to just because of his name you think it's a sign????? I haven't read one little word about any of the participants yet, so he could be the one most likely to get voted off first......NOPE, his name is Boo...that won't happen

my shop.......
today is Wednesday(ok, technically Thursday by the time this gets posted)....that is when my new products are released at HODS ....
check out my new stuff......a nice little variety, I think....

Hudson's Airplanes kit (a total update of the original I had as a blog freebie a long time ago .... and this preview does not show all elements)Hudson's Airplanes sticker pack
(this preview doesn't show up with the gray and black in the store or DST...just here for some strange reason)

Perky Alpha PINK (more colors next Wednesday)

***PSA - all of my new products (over $3.00) will be on sale each Wednesday for Humpday Happiness Sale at 20% off .......... and all other days you can use my friends discount of $1.00 off your purchases at my store ($3.00 min order)...just use code SE1

now....please go over to the shop and check out everyone else's products too......this week so many super incredible items were added......and I'm not being biased....there really are some super duper cool things there .....................and, while you are there, hop on over to our forum, register, and intro yourself!!!!!!

*****'s now 12:39am....time to go to sleep for a few hours .......later!
(don't forget to scroll down to catch up...a freebie is still available)


Lena Brandenburg said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Boo :( I do want to say how cute those airplanes are though! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Welli Designs - Sonja said...

sorry about Boo
hope you have nice day !!


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